Bristol based alt-rockers The Vigil have released their new single ‘All You’ve Done’, with an amazing new video directed by the legendary photographer Steve Gullick. The track is taken from the bands forthcoming album ‘Save Our Souls’; the four piece’s eagerly awaited debut will be released on the 25th November.

Save Our Souls was produced by Nigel Pulsford from the band Bush. ‘All You’ve Done’ is typical of the huge sound of The Vigil, with classic riffs and pounding drums, the band are writing songs that will sound just as great in ten years time as they do today.


Save Our Souls Tracklisting
1. All You’ve Done
2. Black Arrow
3. Nothing Sacred
4. Do You Feel Alive
5. Hell To Pay
6. Liar’s Chair
7. Find A Way
8. No One Wins
9. Absinthium
10. Feeding Time
11. Know What You Are
12. Turn The Tide

In the run up to the release of ‘Save Our Souls’, The Vigil will be supporting Yashin on their final London date:

25th November – London, The Garage

The Vigil has its roots going back to the late ’90’s when as kids Dom Mehigan (Bass) and Olly Smith (Guitar/ Vocals) would jam around each other’s garages choosing to focus on original songs rather than the Britpop of the day or covers. With a sound more in tune with their influences of Nirvana, Everclear, Smashing Pumpkins, and digging deep into the US underground with acts such as 7 Year Bitch and ’80’s punk rock like the Dead Kennedys and Fugazi. The Vigil enlisted Jamie Davenport on drums and Robbie Schuck on the six string, and the line up was complete.

Having performed together under various names and guises, The Vigil moved to Bristol, integrating into that scene and supported some impressive bands, such as their early heroes Everclear, Therapy?, The Datsuns and Puddle of Mud. Following a great reaction from the crowds, they knew they had to make an album. They began looking for a producer and realised lead guitar was an important element to the overall sound they wanted to achieve. On learning that Nigel Pulsford from the multi platinum selling British rock band Bush had moved to nearby Bath, they got in touch.

To the bands delight Nigel was interested in working with them as their producer, as well as offering to play lead guitar on the album. “Nigel is by far my favourite lead player from the ’90’s alt rock explosion with such an interesting approach and texture that isn’t your standard rock guitar licks” says vocalist  Olly. “Making the album was a really exciting time, some days we would have Royal Blood in the next room over and The Pixies were in the studio after us we knew we were in the right place. The album is the out pouring of our entire musical journey from when we were kids to the present day, the struggle, the moments of triumph and most of all, the expression of a sound that we’ve longed for in other bands that we have tried our best to deliver. We are very happy with how it has turned out and it will hopefully allow us to build on the sound and make another album.”

With their debut album ready to be released through their own Fever Dog Records, and their new video directed by legendary rock photographer Steve Gullick, plus album artwork created by esteemed concert poster artist Jackknife, The Vigil are ready hit your

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