A Higher Demise Unearth Entropy Video Single

British metal-core outfit ‘A Higher Demise’ return with maximum ferocity with the announcement of their ‘Entropy’ video single. Taken from their ‘To Death Or Victory’ EP expected later in 2017, the 5 piece shall be pushing forward this year with their latest collection of tracks nurtured by reputable producer – Jason Wilson (Stakeout Studios UK)

Capturing the sheer energy of a band absorbed in the influence of acts such as Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend and Eyes Set To Kill, A Higher Demise strive to build upon the momentum of previous releases. Launching ‘Entropy’ as a taste of things to come from their latest material, fans of the band and the genre can expect more brutal riff-ery that explodes into melodic chorus hook-lines from the Kent (UK) based act in coming months. Spitting out his passionate and venomous growls – frontman Charlie Serafini perfectly compliments the raging circus of distorted guitars from Daniel Pape and Terry Beckley along with the precise rhythmical drillings of bassist Rachel Tarr and drummer James ‘Dag’ Farrell. The sound of a young act on a mission to reach greater heights of recognition across the UK and far beyond.

Watch ‘Entropy’ Here