Abhordium launch new videoclip “Obsidian Chamber”

Finnish Blackened Death metal band ABHORDIUM launched new videoclip, entitled “Obsidian Chamber”, the song taken from album “Omega Prayer” which has been released on November 3.



The band was formed during the spring of 2005. The genre has been clear from the beginning. Death metal with brutal and chaotic attitude.
The first demo was recorded in the autumn of 2005 and the first gig was played in the winter of the same year. The demo was released only on the internet.

In the year 2006 two new songs were recorded and also released on the internet. Also few gigs were played at the same year. 2007 was a gap year because two of the members were at the military service. Still some new material had to be done and the music evolved to a more technical style of death metal.

In the year 2008 the band had some line-up changes, but the new material had to be released. So began the recordings of the EP Declaration Of Perdition.
When the recordings were done the band went to European tour to promote the coming material. Eight countries in 15 days. After that the EP Declaration of Perdition was released at 26.6.2009 as a self-release.

All 1000 EP-copies were sold within one year mainly by the band at gigs sites and at festivals. The EP could also be bought at KVLT, Levykauppa X, Primitive Reaction, No Sign Of Life and Undead Propaganda.

In the autumn of 2009 the band recorded one new song (Warfare Welfare) and re-recorded one of the old songs (Eradicating Erroneous Existence). Also some line-up changes was made again. Both of the songs are at the Myspace page.

The bands newest accomplishment is their full length CD: ‘When Depravity Incarnates’ (full length). The studio sessions went well as did the mixing and mastering. The CD covers were also done by the band. It was released in summer 2011 and in the early 2012 it was published worldwide through Inverse Records.

Lately they have been finalising the last songs of their second full-length album “Omega Prayer”.


Band Members
Vocals: Kari Laaksonen
Guitars: Markus Hiitola
Guitars: Tommi Koivula
Bass: Henry Jalava
Drums: Arttu Aalto