Aeren release new music video!!

AEREN is an alternative Rock from Taranto, they have released a new videoclip of the third single
‘TIME FLUX’ (Sliptrick Records), extracted from ‘BREAKTHRU’ the band’s debut album
available from March 6 in streaming, download and physical copy.

 The new single arrives along with the new shows around the Italian live clubs in October.



‘TIME FLUX’ was produced by Oniris Pictures, Sinossi Film and Elephant Music is one of the most rock / punk songs with different synth-rock / progressive elements and deals with the theme of Cronophobia.

It is the irrational fear of the “time flux” and often of the immensity of time itself. It is characterized by strong feelings of anxiety, panic and claustrophobia which, in the long run, brings feelings of anguish and disturbing thoughts that increase dramatically. It is that feeling that leads to miss appointments, to fear of deadlines and for this reason to be inaccurate in activities. Many people are affected by, and in this song a true ‘escape’ from time is shown. A race to go away from’an avalanche of seconds and minutes overwhelming’.

The high bpm, a speed solo and a pulsing break that simulates the inexorable ticking of the hands of a clock are the elements that linked by the voice create the right mix to fully express the concept.:”SO RUN”


AEREN was founded in March 2014 with the idea of ​​proposing a completely new project in an Alternative Rock key. In 2015 they released the first ep ‘AEREN – EP’; played in major festivals in Apulia and not, finding a wide response in critics. In December 2016 the band released the first official single ‘Bad Weakness’, winner of the single prize and videoclip of the year compiled by Pugliamusic. In 2017, after the release of the cover ‘The Pretender’ by Foo Fighters, they started the production of ‘Breakthru’, the band’s first full-length album. The album, produced between MAST studio in Bari and StudioGaudio in Taranto, leads the band to an excellent collaboration with Giovanni Versari, international mastering engineer and winner of a Grammy Award for ‘Drones’; by Muse.

In 2017 there were several live events opening to artists such as Francesco Sarcina (Le Vibrazioni) at the
MEDIMEX and The Zen Circus at the Cinzella Festival. After the production of the album, the band signs a two-year contract with Sliptrick Records that will promote and distribute ‘Breaktrhu’ all over the world starting from March 6th 2018. 2 singles have been extracted from the album: “Breath Of Air” and “Wrong Reactions”. The band is going to release their third single “Time Flux” and an Italian tour.

Current Line-up:
Silvia Galetta – Vocals
Simone D’Andria – Guitar
Simone Solidoro – Bass/Piano
Cosimo De Marco – Drums