Affaire Neon Gods E.P Review

Artist- Affaire

Album- Neon Gods(E.P)

Genre- Rock/Hard Melodic Rock

Release Date- Out Now

‘Neon Gods’ is the rocking brand new E.P. release from Portuguese¬†hard rockers ‘Affaire’ and it just a taster of what the boys have to offer its hard its rocking its sleazy its foot tappingly fantastic.

‘Neon Gods’ opener and title track is a nice litte rocker with thick riffs and a sleazy drum and bass beat to match its kinda like Motley Crue meets Sex Pistols meets Chris Laney a great opener with a raise your horns and party feel which will no doubt have you rockin out wherever you may be.

‘All Messed Up’ with cowbell and wah guitars is an anthemic rocking number with great vocals and dare i say singalong chorus, this one is a throwback track taking it back to the days of hair and metal.

‘The Hitcher’ another hard paced rocker with thick riffs and hooks that grab you by the balls and entice you ever so gently to hit fever pitch as air guitars are thrown into the air, as in one hand your jack and coke swills in the other your devil horns kills.

The E.P closer is a rocked up remake of the classic Beatles track ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and a great job is made with licks and riffs aplenty and a great vocal track if this one doesn’t have you bouncing and foot-stomping and in full chorus then i think unfortunately you are already dead.

Rating 10