Ahia New Album “KICKS ON THE DOCKS” Out 11th March

Ahi are a band devoted to unbridled Hardcore Punk, they have today revealed the cover of the new album entitled “KICKS ON THE DOCKS which is released March 11th via MASD RECORDS.
“We played right now with energy and determination, so much as to seem an unexpected kick, direct kick to the morgue of the musical reality that grips our homeland.”


01 Intro 
02 Orgasm 
03 Hardcore Peter 
04 Brothers 
05 Hunger Flames 
06 Downhill Invergneux 
07 Alice

The band was founded in November 2016. A lot of evidence to amalgamating. After the departure of singer we’re doing a first mini-live at Bucheron (Villeneuve AO), a few months later, we make two more live experience, a mountain during a mini festival in Doues (AO), the other during the festival of music in 2017 in Aosta greeted positively, due in mid-December 2017, we performed successfully at the Citadel of young people of Aosta. In February 2018 live all ‘Hibou Châtillon. Early May to Babylon social center of Cervo (IM) and then playing in Daiano (TR) early August. Meanwhile take shape some of our songs. Tests, tests and yet prove. Dopo about a year go into the studio to record our demo. Tests galore to give their best during the upcoming concerts.


Monica> guitar and backing vocals
Tarello> Battery + Voice
Dead> bass and vocals