The Milanese active ALTHEA progster from 2014, have announced a mini-tour that will take them to explore their music through new experiences, traveling between Croatia and Solvenia.

The mini tour will start on March 2 at River Pub Rijeka, and then continue on March 3 at the Rock Bar King and ending on March 4 to Gustav Pekarna. For this occasion the band will tour in the last disc  “Memories Have No Name” album released January 9, 2017 and published in the physical version Sliptrick Records and has been very successful in the Italian territory.



Althea formed in Milan in 2014 from an idea of ​​the guitarist Dario Bortot and bassist Fabrizio Zilio, with the aim of developing a progressive metal project with rock undertones. With the entry in the line up of keyboardist Marco Zambardi, the band has produced numerous demo tapes and performed live in many places in northern Italy, participating in various music competitions. With Sergio Sampietro on drums and Alessio Accardo to voice joined the band, the Althea line has stabilized and the group resumed its live performances in different Milan clubs, including the LiveMi event in Piazza Duomo. With this formation, the band has written and recorded new songs that, after an intense work in the recording studio, have become part dell’epto “Eleven”, published in February 2014. In 2016 the band returned to the studio to register the new concept album “Memories Have No Name”, a concept album of 16 songs ranging from progressive metal, rock and ambient experimental acclimatized in January 2017.
Between 2016 and 2017 the band continues their live shows with the new line which sees the inclusion of the new bassist Andrea Trapani and the absence of the keyboard.


Dario Bortot (Guitars, Keys & Synths)
Alessio Accardo (Vocals)
Sergio Sampietro (Drums)
Andrea Trapani (Bass)