American rock act ´Firesphere’ new album `Requiem` out now

With `Requiem’, the musicians around` Firesphere` publish an album that combines driving rhythms and hard-sounding guitars with orchestral arrangements.
Singer and songwriter `Priest` describes the debut album as a “great and self-contained” album. “The audience will be presented with a ‘dark fantasy’ concept album, where lyrics and music merge into a musical time travel”, `Priest` said.

Firesphere is a concept band. Each member portrays a particular character with a name and backstory. Each character is an ‘immortal’ in one form or other and have lived a very long time. All members were discovered by Priest and Rosemary Butterfly while recruiting for the dark Order of the Cross and Dragon. This is an order created centuries ago for the purpose of giving individuals like Priest and Rosemary a place of sanctuary and friendship.


The album is available digitally as well as physically on all popular music platforms.


1. Requiem

2. Behind These Eyes

3. Silent Darkness

4.In The Silence


6. I See You

7. Release Me

8. Into My Heart

9. Calling Me

10. Fate (instrumental)

11. Come With Me

12. Bringing You Here




Firesphere is a dynamic industrial rock/metal band combining techno and epic cinematic soundtrack to create a totally different and unique sound. Fireshphere was created and is fronted by the enigmatic dark PRIEST and the equally dark and hypnotizing Japanese beauty ROSEMARY BUTTERFLY.

Joined by “The Messengers”, Blacksmith (guitar), ROADBLOCK (guitar), TSUKIME keyboards), ASMODEUS STONE (bass) and MASON (drums), together they bring a dark ageless quality to their music and live show. 

Based on the Japanese model of big music and big visuals (ala X Japan, Hyde, Malice Mizer, Gackt and Ghost), the listener will not soon forget the well-crafted and moving songs of Firesphere nor will they easily forget the intensity of a live performance.

Firesphere will capture you in their dark cold embrace and hold you there forever.