‘Analog Blood’ E.P Ben Blutzukker Review

Artist- Ben Blutzukker
Album-Analog Blood (E.P)
Genre- Metal/Dark Metal
Release Out Now

Towards the end of 2015 Ben Blutzukker turned full circle from 10 years of dark electro music with his band Blutzukker to return to metal where from 2000 until 2004 he played bass guitar in the German thrash metal band Jormundgard, now he has released a four track E.P entitled Analog Blood which in fact is a reworking of his earlier release entitled Digital Blood which was a full on electro affair, now released with a new look and sound with a dark deep heavy metal feel.

In fact  from the first instant there is a dark gloomy edge with growling almost demonic vocals and dirty fat riffs, which certainly will convey on to the appreciating audience as horns are held aloft in anticipation as this 20 min long EP is as dark as it is fun, with some hardcore lyrics which are perfectly accompanied by a gloomy almost fist in your face soundtrack.
Metalheads will certainly be in for a treat with this little E.P
Rating 8


Analog Blood Is Available For 2.99 Euro

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