AQUIVER Debut Album “Frames” Out In October

Aquiver is a new name in the underground rock and metal scene but with a strong and defined vision: a melting pot with modern and dynamic approach, mixing Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil and 30 Seconds To Marsinfluences.

Formed by member of well known italian band as Trick or Treat, What A Funk, Damned Spring Fragantia, Aquiver is going to release its debut album on the 13th of October

“Frames” will be released by Square Heads with some important credits. Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Pierce The Veil, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance) has mixed most of the songs (plus dysFUNCTION Studios in Italy). 


01. Absence Rebound
02. CaSo
03. Save Your Day
04. Drawing Circles
05. Fall From Grace
06. Downfall
07. No More Words
08. A Million Red Lights
09. Moving Emotions
10. The One
11. Empty Space



“We wrote and composed ‘Frames’ experimenting some important personal experiences, while our lives were changing. Without even knowing we were gathering those moments in our new songs.

The title of the record wants to depict some “frames”; every frame captures an emotion which build a more complex picture. Heart and brain, as on the artwork, are the soul and the body of the internal complexity described in our songs.”

“Frames” has been produced by Aquiver and Giuseppe Bassi, written and arranged by the band.

‘A Million Red Lights” 




Luca Pretorius: Vocals
Marco Profeta: Bass
Daniele Fioroni: Guitar, Back vocals
Francesco Pani: Guitar, Back vocals
Luca Setti: Drums