ARCADIA announce their arrival with the release of their new single,
Kickback, which lands everywhere on Friday 13th April.

Manchester quintet, ARCADIA, take from the groove of Limp Bizkit fused with
the venom of Rage Against The Machine, and it doing so, hurl out alluring
crossover rap-infused metal that will ignite and excite.

The band’s debut EP, Hunting Season, opened doors for the five-some and
firmly placed the crossover combo onto the Manchester scene. Sharing stages
with the likes of Tequila Mockingbird, Asteroid Boys, and Dubwar has further
served to increase ARCADIA’s emerging reputation.

The rap-metallers push on once more with their new single, Kickback.
Vocalist Tom Holt talks about the track: “The song ‘Kickback’ is one of the
most powerful, energy-controlled songs that we’ve ever written. Personally,
it depicts never giving up, even when you are at the lowest point in life.
It’s about not only having the energy to get up, but more importantly to
come back fighting.”

ARCADIA drop Kickback on 13th April through all outlets, and the band are
getting ready to announce further shows.