ARCTICCIRCLE Release New Album: ‘Where Ice Meets Ocean’

Brandon, Manitoba’s ARCTICCIRCLE have returned with heavy dose of Bush Metal on new album Where Ice Meets Ocean.

The Canadian trio’s fourth full-length album is out now and streaming below:



The story of ARCTICCIRCLE begins in Manitoba, Canada circa 2001 when vocalist/guitarist Sean Vermentor brought his bedroom black metal project out of the basement and formed a band of the same name with Jon Cloud on drums and Howard on bass. Playing in a black/thrash style dubbed ‘Bush Metal’ the band released numerous EPs and three full lengths including 2006’s Forcing The Astral, which was released on Profound Lore Records.

Fast forward to 2018 and we find the band releasing Where Ice Meets Ocean. A new album also signifying a new direction which centres around a slower pace and a huge rock/metal influence. ARCTICCIRCLE consider this release to be the epitome of Bush Metal: raw, dirty and exciting!


1. Cosmic Egg
2. Big Heavy Door
3. Madness Powder
4. Change the Wave
5. Oracle Bones
6. Onanole
7. Firebird Over Falcon Lake
8. Into One



Sean – guitars, vocals
Jon – drums
Howard – bass