Aussie Rockers Smoking Martha Interview


In the run up to their highly anticipated debut Uk tour ,we had the chance of an email interview with Smoking Martha vocalist Tasha D to talk about their debut album, the tour and all things in-between.



1. How did you guys meet?

I have known mick since I was 16 years old. He played in a few punk bands and eventually we started writing music together.

Over the years we were joined by Matty on bass who mick had known for a long time, who is actually a killer guitarist who we slowly but surely convinced to play bass and Jordy a friend of Matty’s from way back to complete our sound, on drums. Together we have all found a new passion and balance with Smoking Martha.  

2.What was the first tune(s) you learned?

I personally started singing a lot of Janis Joplin and jewel when I was younger but as a band we started writing and playing our own songs from the beginning.

3. What are your main influences?
We have all been influenced heavily by classic rock growing up, but we each have pretty different musical tastes which I guess explains our diverse blend of rock. Matty more on the rock side with Van Halen, Baby Animals and Stone Temple pilots, Mick a bit of rock but more punk influence with Black Sabbath, AFI and Propagandhi, Jordy on the heavier side with Pantera and Sevendust, I’m definitely more on the fem side with – No doubt, Lana Del Rey, Janis Joplin and Divinyls.  

4.What is your favourite part about being a musician? Your least 
favourite? Why?

We each lead double lives lol, I love having the balance of passionate creativity and normal life. I also love that I can express myself through singing and performing, something I feel every one should be able to do in some way or another.

It’s hard work, and not always satisfying, trying to always stay on top of online presence and social media is also a bit of a drainer, but the good parts outweigh the bad.

5. Your debut album ‘In Deep gets released here in the Uk Nov 9th what 
can fans and potential new fans expect to hear?

‘In deep’ is our first studio full length album.

The album is a dynamic and diverse blend of inventive rock songs written together over the past few years.

Sultry, smoky, chunky and honest, everything we hope you would want from a rock album.

The emotions run as thick & deep as the music does, we were able to reflect our feelings into our music which I feel is the most important element in making a successful album.

We are super proud of the overall finished product.  It has been a long time coming.

6. Is there a standout track from the debut album ‘In Deep’ that you are 
most proud of?

For me personally, ‘Baby let me go’.

I guess it was our chance to strip back and bare all musically and emotionally.

This track is very close to my heart we wrote it acoustically a little while ago, it was my way of dealing with death and finally letting go.

We kept it acoustic and added string instruments by guest instrumentalist Chris Carmichael from Stonehurst Studios to bring out the emotion of the song.

While it’s tender and not the ‘typical’ heavy rock side of our sound, we have had great reviews from it, hopefully proving we can win you over just as easily with our softer side.

7. To Coincide with Your Debut Release You Are Hitting The Rd With A 
Bunch Of Dates Across The Uk including an appearance at Hrh in North 
Wales,  How Excited Are You About That?

This is our 1st UK tour and we are so pumped for it, we don’t really know what to expect which makes it even more exciting! I definitely can’t wait to for all the gorgeous scenery but also to experience the different live music scenes in each place.

8. Is there anywhere in particular you are looking forward to playing?

Wales for Hard Rock Hell Festival we are pretty pumped about, but every show is going to be great because we are in a different country!!

9. What are your inspirations as you to right music?

We are forever growing as a band and our sound has evolved over time from experience and new inspirations. Music, Art, whats going on in the world, but mainly for me real life worries and desires inspire most of my lyrics. Once I write about something that’s weighing me down, it leaves me, so it’s a really therapeutic way of letting go.  

10.You have performed with some great names Wolfmother, Thunder, 
Seether, Hardcore Superstar to name just a few how have those 
experiences helped in developing Smoking Martha today?

We have gathered a substantial cult-like following as a result of relentless playing and touring.

Playing live is one of our favourite parts of being in a band, the more you play the tighter you get. We definitely feed off the energy of the crowd and each other which helps us connect so much as a band on stage and off.

11. Any tour stories to tell?

We were on tour in Melbourne and we had a van full of gear, someone forgot to close the boot properly and all the gear fell out in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in the city, we slammed the brakes and jumped out to save our belongings luckily nothing was destroyed. We have it all on camera and funny memory we do not want to relive!!

12. Finally do you have any words for your Uk fans ahead of meeting them 
next month?

We can’t wait to play in your beautiful country, and we won’t be apposed to scotched eggs and rock and chips!!




Thank You to Tasha D for the interview

Catch Smoking Martha At One Of Their Highly Anticipated Across The Uk In Nov;



9th Nov – OXFORD, The Wheatsheaf
10th Nov – Hard Rock Hell- North Wales
11th Nov – BLACKPOOL, Waterloo
15th Nov – IPSWICH, The Railway
16th Nov – NOTTINGHAM, Salutation Inn
17th Nov – GLOSSOP, The Globe
18th Nov – NEWPORT,The Patriot
21st Nov – NEWCASTLE, Trillians
22nd Nov – MANCHESTER, Gullivers
23rd Nov – DONCASTER, Woolpack Live
24th Nov – WAKEFIELD, Black Mass
25th Nov – GLASGOW, Ivory Blacks
29th Nov – BIRMINGHAM, The Flapper
30th Nov – LONDON, The Black Heart