Bailey Interview Hrh Aor March


While attending Hrh Aor, We caught up with a man very much in demand at the moment Mr Nigel Bailey here is what he had to say:


Werockwebzine:: Hi Nigel nice to see you again thank you for coming.

Bailey:: Your very welcome, nice to see you.

Werockwebzine:: You are a man in demand at the moment, who is your personal favourite act so far you have played with?

Bailey:: Well that’s a tough one cause there all my babies, do you mean when i’ve played with other bands.

Werockwebzine:: Yes

Bailey:: It’s hard to say really ‘Stan Bush’ was great, ‘Veronica’ was great, ‘Kevin Chalfant’ was great, you know different venues different places, it’s just getting out there and playing music is what we all do it for. So it’s just nice to be asked and nice to get up and play ‘The Touch’ with ‘Stan Bush’ instead of ‘The Touch’ by ‘Stan Bush’ it’s a bit of a massive massive tick on the bucket list is that.


Werockwebzine:: Your so busy at the moment, what do you do to relax in between?

Bailey:: I don’t.

Werockwebzine:: It’s just all go?

Bailey:: Family, family stuff, some people go and play golf, some people play football which i used to years and years ago, some people might go swimming well i just sit and play guitar and write songs and sing.

Werockwebzine:: Relax the stress?

Bailey:: Yeah it’s therapeutic¬†for me to play guitar or bass or sometimes just write and sit playing what nobodies done.

Werockwebzine:: Is there a new ‘Bailey’ album on the horizon?

Bailey:: Not at the moment no, obviously there is a ‘Dirty White Boys’ coming out at the end of this month, March 24th i think that is. Vinny and i have been chatting and we’re looking at doing some work on our ‘Three Lions’ stuff and see where we go with that, we’ve got some ideas out we’ve got some he’s got some just need to get them together now and see where we go with that.

Werockwebzine:: That’s one of my other questions gone.

Bailey:: Well there you go then two in one, two for the price of one.

Werockwebzine:: Who’s your personal influences and who do you look up to in music?

Bailey:: Far far too many to list but all sorts. I mean singers guys like ‘Michael Bolton’ ‘Alison Krause’ from the country scene. My favourite female singers a country singer called ‘Trisha Yearwood’ who you most probably don’t know but the tone in her voice is just fabulous. I grew up on bands like ‘Danger Danger’ ‘Crue’ ‘Def Leppard’ all the usual stuff, and odd little bits but yeah just anything. Someone once said to me and i try to do it now, the bigger your musical ruler the more experience you’ve got to draw, so if you only listen to one type of music you’re sort of stuck with there bit.

Werockwebzine:: If it’s Jazz, if it’s blues, if it’s anything you pick it up and put it all together.

Bailey:: Yeah i don’t really do Jazz but some Jazz, classical jazz but not free form stuff.

Werockwebzine:: What are your future plans and hopes as an artist?

Bailey:: Well just to keep doing what i’m doing, this is fairly new for me as you know these last couple of years and it’s just nuts to be asked to go and do stuff and play, we’re here tomorrow night. Playing with ‘Stan Bush’ ‘Kevin Chalfant’. We’ve got rockingham coming up where i will be playing with ‘Dave Bickler’ of ‘Survivor’ so it’s just mad, and hopefully i will still get asked.

Werockwebzine:: Who past or present would you most like to have played with?

Bailey:: Ronnie James Dio’

Werockwebzine:: Ooohh yeah yeah.

Bailey:: That’s easy that’s an easy easy one.

Werockwebzine:: That question can we expect a ‘Three Lions’ album in the future you have already answered.

Bailey:: Very possibly yeah, we’re talking about that at the moment.

Werockwebzine:: Your latest album, ‘Bailey’ album, which was ‘Long Way Down’, do you have a favourite track from that album?

Bailey:: No not really a favourite track, but i have a couple of songs that are a little bit special for me. I think ‘Long Way Down’ was the first song that i sort of wrote and actually spent a bit of time on, far enough i did it in a conservatory on a novel pc but that was the first sort of proper structured song of an idea that i ever got down. That and ‘In The Name Of The King’ were the two that got heard and here we are.

Werockwebzine:: It catapulted you to what you are today and beyond.

Bailey:: I don’t know about catapulted yet. Certainly been a kick up the ass, and they will both be getting an airing tomorrow night as well.

Werockwebzine:: Oh brilliant i can’t wait, and what motivates you to keep going?

Bailey:: Just the love of music, love of guitars. I play bass i play guitar, i much prefer to be a much better guitarist than i am now.

Werockwebzine:: And that’s answered another one of my questions.

Bailey:: Oh god, You see they inter mingle don’t they, but i work a lot harder on guitar than i have to do on bass. Bass seems to be more natural, but i love my guitars and just playing it’s great.

Werockwebzine:: Your quite adept at playing guitar and bass, which is your preferred instrument? Which you’ve just answered.

Bailey:: Guitars my preferred but i think i am probably a better bass player than i am a guitarist, but i’d rather be a better guitarist.

Werockwebzine:: The guitarist is that a bit more difficult?

Bailey:: No it’s just it’s different, it’s a different thing.

Werockwebzine:: It is for me i have been stuck doing the same thing for years.

Bailey:: It’s just playing music and singing, this is the first show tomorrow night where i’m not going to have a guitar or a bass.

Werockwebzine:: So your just singing, just a vocalist? I bet that’s going to feel awkward.

Bailey:: Well i got offered a chance the guys that played with ‘Kevin’ and ‘Stan’ and there going to be playing with ‘Dave Bickler’. ‘Steve’, ‘Ady’ there gonna be playing. ‘Paul’ my live bass player always plays for ‘Bailey’ anyway and i play second guitar but then ‘Paul Hume’ from ‘Dirty White Boys’ and ‘Lifeline’ i asked him if he was interested in doing it so i could concentrate on doing one job right, he jumped at the chance, he loves it and we get on really well so a full five piece band and just me and a mic.

Werockwebzine:: This is a serious kick on then.

Bailey:: This is my first go at being a front man with an injured leg , yeah an injured knee two weeks after surgery so i might not be as energetic.

Werockwebzine:: Of course yes and how is it now?

Bailey:: It’s alright it’s alright, it’s a bit sore, so i might not be as energetic as i’d like to be.

Werockwebzine:: It’s not putting you off any?

Bailey:: I can walk about but i can’t jump about and stage dive.

Werockwebzine:: Brilliant, thank you very much thank you for joining us.

Bailey:: Thank you and cheers Shane



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