Baranovich ‘Hyde’ E.P Review

Baranovich are a five piece hard working, hard rocking band from that steel city of Sheffield and their recently released E.p Hyde really does show them for what they are with its blistering guitar riffs and thundering drum track not to mention the vocals of Steve Baranovich, they bring a classic rock sound infused with some modern riffs and great solos.

Title track ‘Hyde’ begins like an acoustic driven ballad of sorts before a chorus of Whoah Whoahs and then continuing to melt your face with riffs from the devils pants and drumbeats to match with a great little singalong chorus of Mr Hyde and dirty bass line and guitar solo to match its a cracker for sure.


‘Have A Nice Day’ well who doesn’t love cowbell its there along with super riffs backed up by a rumbling bass line and drums to smack you in the face and a great guitar solo reminiscent of a an early Thin Lizzy an awesome little track.

The Standout track ‘Fire In The Sky’ is a rocker from start to finish, with sublime riffs that immediately have you plucking at your favourite coloured air guitar, while going crazy as the solo kicks in screaming ‘Fire In The Sky’ as you hold your devil horns aloft and scream to the rock demons of Sheffield Baranovich.





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