Behind Closed Doors – ‘Metanoia’ Out Now

“Metanoia” is the second album of instrumental outfit “behind closed doors”. While the eleven compositions are still undeniably rooted in a cold and relentless aesthetic, they do reach out to new territories. This reflects in great dynamic diversity as well as in additional instrumentation besides guitars, bass and drums. Complexity, may it be rhythmical or a matter of arrangement, is contrasted with simplicity and both are never an end in themselves but a servant to artistic expression. To add a visual component to “metanoia”, an illustration and a haiku accompany each song.


1. Any (Time And Where)
2. Frozen Gods
3. String Theory
4. Terra Damnata
5. Sine Here
6. Pulmo
7. Psora
8. Ra.S.I.H.D.
9. The Interview
10. Viva La Devolucion
11. Timoka



Behind closed doors is an instrumental trio (guitar, bass, drums) whose members originate from Germany, Sweden and Hungary. While their musical roots are found in groovy, yet rhythmical complex metal, behind closed doors compositions mirror their
members’ endeavors in various musical genres like contemporary classical music, jazz or world percussion. All three members are professional full time musicians with a thorough educational background.

Their current release “metanoia” was mixed by Victor Bullock (Triptykon, Obscura) and Christoph Teuschel, drums were recorded at Hertz Studio in Poland (Behemoth, Decapitated).

Christoph Teuschel grew up and lives in South Germany. He graduated from music college Regensburg in his main subject guitar and has since received a grant for a fellowship as a composer in residence in Virginia, USA. Besides composing, he is responsible for the artistic concepts of behind closed doors, such as videos and, as seen in their current release, picture collages and Haiku.

Born and raised in Sweden, Fred Jacobsson spent the bulk of his youth in South Germany. He received his bachelor of arts and his Master in music production from Codarts University for the arts in Rotterdam. Currently, Fred is writing and performing with contemporary ensemble “Temko” among other musical endeavors. He spends his time between Germany and the Netherlands mostly.

Peter Somos was born into a musical family in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated from Codarts University for the arts in Rotterdam, receiving his bachelor of arts in jazz. During his career he toured Australia, China, India and South Korea with different musical projects and continues to widen his musical repertoire by diving deep into worldpercussion. Peter is currently based in Warsaw.

Band Line-up:
Christoph Teuschel – guitars, programming, concepts
Fred Jacobsson – bass, synths
Peter Somos – drums, percussion