Bitch Hawk Return To Bring You All “JOY”

Sweden has among the highest pedigree in the world when it comes to producing metal bands, and Bitch Hawk are no exception. When you combine a hugely successful songwriter who has written hits such as Icona Pop’s “I Love It”, an internationally renowned jazz guitarist, a highly skilled drummer and the singer of from ‘Satan Takes A Holiday’, an extreme metal band with a very punk attitude is not the first thing you might expect. But those are exactly the elements that make up Bitch Hawk, proving once again that disparate parts can combine in very, very interesting ways.

Bitch Hawk are set to bring a new dose of their extreme sound to the wider world with their brand new album JOY, set for release on November 2nd through Adrian Recordings. By the band’s own words, Joy is no ordinary album:

“JOY is for the oppressed, the beaten, smashed, abused and neglected. But also wankers, idiots, losers and primitive humans will surely find something compelling here.”
“The Bitch Hawk has laid its second egg this year, and this time it’s so damned hard that it was a pain in the ass to deliver. But we’re very pleased with it. Looks great, smells OK, sounds brutal.”

JOY was produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (member of Fireside and producer of The Hives, Refused, Entombed, The Hellacopters, Status Quo and many more). Pre-orders for the album are now available, giving fans the chance to own JOY on vinyl.

Those who are interested can learn more here –


The first single to emerge from Bitch Hawk’s new album Joy will be the title track for the album, which will be released on the 14th of September. Further singles will be released in the run up to the album’s early November full release.

For those not yet initiated into the world of Bitch Hawk, we can offer you an introduction courtesy of the single Death! from their self-titled album that was released at the very beginning of 2018. For the video for Death!, Bitch Hawk teamed up with well known YouTuber Electroboom for an anarchic combination with explosive results, that you can check out below:



About Bitch Hawk
Described as being the perfect blend of Beastie Boys meets Bathory, Swedish extreme metal noisemakers Bitch Hawk are here to rattle cages and burst eardrums in equal measure. Having released their self-titled debut album at the beginning of 2018, they decided that one dose of their unique take of extreme metal was not enough, and so the JOY album was born. The members of Bitch Hawk all have very different stories to tell. But unite them together, and you will get one of the fiercest blasts of metal you have heard in a very, very long time.

Patrik Berger, the bass player, is a well-known songwriter to big stars like Lana Del Rey and Charli XCX. Among the numerous hits’ he’s written notable tracks include “I Love It” for Icona Pop and “Dancing on My Own” together with Robyn. Andreas Hourdakis, the guitarist, is a well known Swedish jazz guitarist that plays international shows in Magnus Öström’s (E.S.T) band and just released a well-received solo album as Andreas Hourdakis Trio. The singer Fred Burman also sings in the band ‘Satan Takes A Holiday’. On drums, we find Henrik Holmlund who has much experience from assorted rock and ska bands.


Bitch Hawk are:

Fred Burman – Vocals
Andreas Hourdakis – Guitar
Patrik Berger – Bass
Henrik Holmlund – Drums