Bristol Booze Cruise 2nd Announcement

For the first time ever, Booze Cruise is not just happening in Hamburg, Germany. Its hitting the shores of the UK and will be docking in Bristol.

Daniel who is putting the Bristol festival together along Stefan, the founder of Booze Cruise had this to say:

‘I’m so stoked to be bringing one of Europe’s best festival to the UK. If you ask anyone who has been or played Booze Cruise (Hamburg), they will say its one of the best weekends of the year so to be working with Stefan (one of the nicest humans in the world) to take it outside of Hamburg is amazing. I have wanted to to go every Booze Cruise so far but only made it to one and it was a blast. So many good bands with a great atmosphere and we hope to replicate that for the Bristol Booze Cruise. Its a pleasure to be working with so many of my favorite bands too. Not only that, having friends bands from all over the world to play in this wonderful city is so exciting.’

Stefan, the founder of the festival said this:

“It is a dream coming true to bring something aboard that we created ourselves . We have been friends with Daniel & The Run Up since ages and we are totally delighted to work with them on this festival. Cant wait for this May weekend to come!”

With more announcements over the next couple of weeks, the line-up excepted to get just better and better. The ‘early toucan’ tickets sold out in 48 hours, however regular weekend and day tickets are available from: