Bumblefoot Blows The Roof At The Diamond Live Lounge Doncaster Review


Tonight’s venue for the entertainment is the Diamond Live Lounge in Doncaster which is a converted old chapel with high ceilings and surprisingly great acoustics, situated in the centre of Doncaster it is a great little venue which is attracting some great acts. Tonight’s entertainment comes in the form of former Guns and Roses guitarist and solo artist and guitar virtuoso Ron Bumblefoot Thal with support from Coyote and Oliver Dawson Saxon.

‘Coyote’ are first to take the stage they are a rock covers band based out of Rotherham and from the moment you hear their rendition of the Whitesnake classic ‘Gimme All Your Love’ you just sense that these guys are true kick ass classic rockers, with front-man and vocalist extraordinaire ‘Stuart Craig’ really belting out with sure fire delivery ‘Start Talking Love’, You Shook Me All Night Long’ followed and the transition from one classic to another was effortless, but it was the moment the first lick of Gary Moore’s ‘Still Got The Blues’ and there was not a dry eye in the house guitarist ‘Mark Abrahams’ really did nail the guitar with a passion and feeling that mister Moore would have been proud of. Next up was a Rainbow medley consisting of ‘I Surrender, Since You’ve Been Gone and All Night Long’ the growing crowd were well into rock mode by this time singing along, which only got louder as Coyote finished on a high with another Gary Moore cover in the form of ‘Out In The Fields’.



Next to take centre stage was Oliver Dawson Saxon, and if you do not know this band consists of guitarist and former/founder member of the mighty Saxon ‘Graham Oliver’ alongside bassist and another former founder member of Saxon ‘Steve Dawson’ so it was Saxon classics all the way with some great interaction with the crowd by front-man ‘Brian Shaughnessy’ who delivered one liners and puns like a pro as well as delivering an almighty list which included ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’, Denim and Leather’, ‘Crusader’ ‘Dallas 1 pm’ brought an almighty cheer as the ever increasing crowd were treated to one classic Saxon hit after the other which had everyone buzzing chanting and singing along almost like an additional member of the band. If there is a downside it was their stage time was just not enough as we headed into ‘747 Strangers In The Night’ ‘Motorcycle Man’ and set closer which brought perhaps the biggest cheer ‘Wheels Of Steel’ with everyone jumping and singing along it would be a hard task for Bumblefoot to follow these guys on stage.

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At last the time had come for ‘Bumblefoot‘ to take the stage and after a light hearted exchange with the photographers it was all go as Bumblefoot kicked off with ‘Little Brother Is Watching’ (The title track to Bumblefoots latest album which if you have not got it you really should its available here), ‘Abnormal’ followed and by the time ‘I’m So Glad To Be Here’ sounded everyone was in full swing which in turn spurred Bumblefoot and his band consisting of Tigers Of Pan Tang guitarist ‘Micky Crystal’ nineteen yr old drumming sensation ‘Kyle Hughes’ and ‘Edward Bell’ on the bass, one song after the other we were reminded why we were here with the astounding double tapping, finger sliding, double necked guitar virtuoso as we watched in awe as Bumblefoot put on a show of guitar mastery. In-fact Bumblefoot was not content with just performing onstage he opted to take a walk through the grateful crowd while still playing which made the day for one young fan as he got to pick and play Ron’s guitar with him, a moment which that certain young fan will remember for a lifetime. All too soon it was almost time for Bumblefoots set to come to a close, as he played a track which he does not play too often in ‘I Cant Play The Blues’ after which he was joined onstage by members of Coyote to bring the set to a close in style which even included a spell on the bass guitar from Ron much to the delight of the onlooking fans with ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ ‘Highway To Hell’, ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ and finally ‘Paradise City’ which brought the rafters down at the Diamond.


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