Burnt Out Wreck Interview At HRH XI


Before We At WeRock Got Too Burnt Out At Hard Rock Hell We Met Up With Hard Rockers And Great Guys Burnt Out Wreck For A Chat 

WeRockWebzine:: Hi great to meet you guys.

Burnt Out Wreck:: You too thank you.

WeRockWebzine:: How was it out there?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Great, we really enjoyed it, beyond our expectations totally, stunning set and a stunning amount of people turned up to watch, we feel pretty privileged and pretty humble when people have a choice between two stages you can’t ask for anymore than that and they stayed so hopefully we did something right.

WeRockWebzine:: How has the response been for your debut album?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Just overwhelming you know everybody says very very positive things about it, it hasn’t been slated anywhere yet as far as i know and yeah i just can’t believe the reaction to it it’s great and it just doesn’t seem to stop, it came out in February but it’s still building and building. The Facebook page people are sending us things from all around the world, only yesterday there was something from Argentina came in a magazine, it’s a constant constant following.

WeRockWebzine:: When did you first realise as a drummer  that you had a voice to front the band?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Well, when i was 14 or something it’s like growing up, writing songs with the other band members in little bands when i was younger, you know everybody used to sing songs cause we didn’t have a singer so everyone had a song and when you write songs you tend to start singing your own songs, then once the bands went on i’d get on stage and sing with other bands just like do a AC/DC number or something like that, so that’s kind of where it all came from.

WeRockWebzine:: The album title it can be viewed in different ways (all laughing).

Burnt Out Wreck:: It can, it can but luckily Brexit was happening so i went down the political sort of angle to it and the angry not just Brexit all around the world, the whole world feels that way at the moment obviously and has done for years, but originally obviously ‘Swallow’ Don’t Ask Me To Get Down On My Knees For You’ (all laughing) it started off a bit iffy you know but i reigned it in a bit and luckily all the lyrics fell into place and made perfect sense.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you have a favourite track from the album, one that’s more memorable to you?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Well ‘Swallow’ really because it just it’s one of the newest ones I’ve written for the album i mean i had like two thirds of the album written i had to write some more and that came out and i just one day you know just done this little riff and the next minute it was that song, everybody has taken to it you know and it’s a monster track and i think it will go on for many years to come that track.

WeRockWebzine:: How did you all meet?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Well i knew Gary from when he moved to the village i live in about 10-12 years ago we sort of met up become mates and that and he mentioned who he was and obviously having one or two albums in the household it was sort of crikey he drums for Heavy Pettin small world blah blah, Heavy Puttin (laughing) then we got him to pitch and put (laughing) so it was kind of wow, then we ended up playing some music together locally and it stemmed from there really. Gary mentioned he had got the album done and he was looking to put a band together to do some gigs and as it turned out the group i was playing guitar for was on a bit of a live hiatus sort of thing so i thought ok, styles aligned we can dovetail this in pleased to be here and especially today to be appreciated, by the attendance and reaction we got it’s been brilliant. Adrian playing lead guitar i’ve known Adrian since 1990 something like that and we’ve been in various forms of various bands just doing local pubs and clubs and just messing around for years basically, he’s always been the one to go to and i know exactly what i can get out of him and that’s why he’s the man he is, the fastest guitar slinger in the west.

WeRockWebzine:: Where did the band name come from?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Well you know the band was Mothers Ruin for a few years then i got fed up with that because there was so many people with that name around the world so when you put it into google up comes all sorts of things not even band related either, i don’t know what it is Swedish sex stuff (all laughing), ohh i must google that, do it later. We’ll have to get something that nobody else has got so as soon as i done that i thought i like that name i was thinking about it awhile, i googled it, it wasn’t there so i said right good click get the .com let’s go we’re having that.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s mine i’m having that.

WeRockWebzine:: How do you feel the music industries changed over the years?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Yeah obviously in the 80’s everybody was throwing money around like crazy people and now there’s no money we don’t have that. I believe that they gave it all away, the record companies let it go to the internet and stuff people like apple and stuff.

WeRockWebzine:: That’s always the hard thing.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Yeah i was watching a programme on it the other night on t.v and that’s exactly what they was saying, but you know that anyway, you know because it’s just not the same thing it’s really difficult. The people view music now with the internet age without a prejudice where as before everything seemed compartmentalised you can like that but you can’t like that and all these boundaries set up, the internet blows it all out the water and it’s all up for the taking now it’s easy accessible, people are more open minded to what they listen to if they feel they can.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s the same in all types of media, i mean you have no control over it, myself being a photographer people take your photo’s and things and you can’t do anything about it.

Burnt Out Wreck:: That’s the only problem is it’s cheapened everything and it’s put everything on the same level, everything on special offer.

WeRockWebzine:: More so for you guys, and you can’t do anything about it.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Once it’s on facebook and the world shares it your away, good for exposure but.

WeRockWebzine:: Yes exactly.

WeRockWezbine:: Do you find it more satisfying being a drummer or a singer?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Singer yeah, i was never any good a being a show off drummer you know i’ve never done drum solo’s, Paul’s a far better drummer than i am, i’ll give you that £20 later (all laughing) but yeah to me it’s like AC/DC say Phil Rudd just play’s the beat and i just thought he’s my favourite drummer people use to ask me that question and i’d say Phil Rudd because you want to hear the song you want to be into the band i don’t want all that.

WeRockWebzine:: In the background.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Aye i tried that on the album ‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ 1985 there was a couple of songs where i was doing things that were a bit more me not just a straight beat and the record company were like what the hell’s this all about and then they made me take it all back cut it back just stick to the rhythm.

WeRockWebzine:: So just stick to the rhythm and no fancy fills.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Yeah.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you have any regrets over the years?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Ohh i don’t know, not musically anyway (all laughing)

WeRockWebzine:: Or any you can share with us.

Burnt Out Wreck:: wow it’s that cliche you regret what you don’t do not what you do do he regrets that he said do do (all laughing). I think you only have to realise how many bands there are out there, all of us have taken this path and here we sit the 5 of us as a collective today, there’s bands that would give there right arm to be sat here now they really would, you’ve got to think crikey for every band like us there’s probably another 500,000 bands of a similar ill would love to be sat in these chairs now as well and with that you get a little a time for regret cause you can appreciate the moment more, obviously you know we’re not young wipper snappers we’ve all been around the block a little bit doing stuff, you show your gratitude and appreciate your opportunities, so yeah pleased to say regrets are low and thin.

WeRockWebzine:: If you could attend one show what would it be?

Burnt Out Wreck:: I’ve got one AC/DC on the Powerage tour, Powerage is my favourite album to have seen them on the Powerage tour would of been it. Diary Of A Madman tour cause i’m just a huge Randy Rhoads fan and it was such a short period and the longer periods to see the bands that we do like i like Aerosmith, AC/DC and what have you is normal that would of been a magical but unfortunately he died and i never got see him. I would like to have Slade support Black Sabbath that would of been a good night out for me.

WeRockWebzine:: There really underrated Slade, a very underrated band.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Oh a fantastic band i love em, it’s the only reason i cant spell properly (all laughing).

WeRockWebzine:: I think Quiet Riot liked them as well.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Yeah and Krokus, they can’t spell look at there name (laughing).

WeRockWebzine:: What do you think the future holds for you as a collective as a band?

Burnt Out Wreck:: Well we hope to get a second album done, we hope to be asked to do bigger, better or more not necessarily better more of the same sort of thing, quality rather than quantity, after today’s gig we are just amazed by this gig and we were saying earlier we all got together and now we are together and we get the reaction we get this is the thing we are getting all the time and we just look at each other and go aye cause to us we’re just us 5 and we go on stage and play a couple of rock numbers and people are just loving it.

WeRockWebzine:: The response is great.

Burnt Out Wreck:: I said it earlier it’s overwhelming and amazing, this is a good festival it’s exceptional, it’s really good the stage crew were brilliant, the sound was incredible on stage and if your hearing it back well on stage you get more into it as a musician and playing, they run a tight ship on that stage it was brilliant an absolute pleasure, they had a stack i’d never touched before and within 5 minutes the guy’s dialed it all in that’s it ready to go just had a little wah wah peddle and overdrive peddle and the rest is all into fingers as they say, well on the money weren’t we.

WeRockWebzine:: Thank you very much for joining us and speaking to us for a while.

Burnt Out Wreck:: Thank you very much Shane.

WeRockWebzine:: We wish you all the best and hope to catch you again soon.

Burnt Out Wreck:: We hope so thank you very much.