Bye Bye Bay release first EP “Let It Go” Out Tomorrow

The big day is nearly here Bye Bye Bay to take flight and releases first EP “Let It Go”, which will be presented Friday, October 13, 2017 at the Warehouse in Arlon (Belgium) as part of the anniversary of 20 years of the Warehouse!



After many years of composing, again and again, the time has come for
Pierre Bihl, drummer of the Luxembourgish pop rock band Open Seas,
to launch his parallel project called Bye Bye Bay. Mixing perfectly
catchy melodies and lively rhythms, the band offers a pop music which
evolves sometimes into an acoustic and sometimes into a more
amplified result.


The EP called Let It Go will be officially released on 13th October 2017.
On the same day, the band is going to perform it live at L’Entrepot in
Arlon (Belgium). The first single Never Leave Your Road, released in
June 2017, opens up the EP. The positive message combined with good
vibes brought this song straight to the Luxembourgish and Belgian
radios last summer. The second track of the EP Let It Go shares the
same favorable atmosphere and enhances the positive message.
World Keeps Turning, third track of the EP, gives a much more
nuanced message about ecological and human problems but still with
an optimistic ending. Last but not least, Little Wolf is a real love song
with a simple message: you need someone to feel good with.
Bye Bye Bay is ready to travel the roads of Luxembourg, France,
Belgium and Germany in order to perform the EP Let It Go live on stage
at the end of the year 2017 and also 2018.