Canadian Death Metallers ‘DEITY’ Announce Physical Release For Self-Titled Album

Canadian death metal knows no bounds. Much like Florida and Sweden, Canada has spawned its fair share of legends. Topping this list are the triumvirate of GORGUTS, KATAKLYSM, and CRYPTOPSY. With this kind of supremacy, it’s no wonder that Canada continues to produce some of the best brutality this fucked-up world has to offer.

With a lineage that goes back twenty years, DEITY is poised to usher in a new epoch of Canadian death metal with their debut, self-titled album. Taking lessons learned from their forefathers, the guys have concocted a straight-up, no-frills tapestry of inhumanity. It crushes where it should crush. It brutalizes where it should brutalize. It’s not afraid to take chances, yet never at the expense of ferocity.

In a fitting move, the guys employed the percussive services of the one and only Flo Mounier of CRYPTOSPY. With the addition of Flo, the songs on display ebb and flow with traditional northern hyper-blast that Canada is revered for. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks!



1. Suspended In Animation
2. Beginning of Extinction
3. Sacrificium
4. From Which We Came…We Now Return 
5. Rituals
6. Of Time
7. Illuminate The Unwilling
8. In Turmoil



CDN Pre Order: HERE
Release Date: November 10th 2017


Danny Alessandro- Guitars / Vocals
John Massey – Guitars / Vocals

Session Players
Florian Ravet – Bass
Flo Mounier – Drums