Carousel Vertigo ‘Revenge Of Rock And Roll’ Review


Artist- Carousel Vertigo
Album- Revenge Of Rock And Roll
Genre- Rock/Blues Hard Rock
Release Date- September 29, 2017


This September the 19th sees the release of French rockers Carousel Vertigos’ second full length release ‘Revenge Of Rock And Roll’ and what an album it is from the get go its music to sooth your soul and melt your senses while reaching down your pants and having a good rummage.

Lead track and indeed the lead single ‘No More Hesitatin’ kicks us off in fine style its a rocker with some great blues fueled rock vocals while the heavy riffs and hammond organ battle with each other throughout with a stadium anthem vibe that adds a fine singalong chorus.
Title track ‘Revenge Of Rock And Roll’ continues in the same vein but adds a little more keys horns and a blues riff kinda quireboys style which will keep you grinig from ear to ear as you stomp your feet and cry the ‘Revenge Of Rock And Roll’.
‘Hideaway’ things slow to a ballad pace which makes fine use of ‘Vincent Martinez’ vocals and range which will have you reaching for the kleenex as you fight back the tears with a slick and soulful guitar solo midway the hammond once more can be heard throughout this soul searching and blues fueled ballad.
Things are soon back into rock fever with ‘Get It On’ with blasting bass and ferocious drums and some great heavy riffs kinda Led Zepplin meets Black Sabbath meets modern day metal with a twist of Y+T for good measure.
Harmonica fueled blues rocker ‘Well Alright’ is another Quireboys’esque foot tapper with growling vocals and blues/rock riffs which has the instant foot tapping head banging vibe.
Album closer ‘I May I Might’ is a great way to bring what may be the album of the year to a close as the sweeping organ intro turns into thick blues riffs and vocal wizardry¬†from Vincent once more as the band rallies around all guns blazing and we the listener in turn reach for our air guitars once more and scream ‘I May I Might’

Rating 10

Band Members
Vincent Martinez: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jansen Press: Guitar, Vocals
Olivier Brossard: Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Montout: Drums, Vocals