CASKET ROBBERY Premieres “Lilith” Lyric Video

Casket Robbery have released the lyric video for “Lilith,” a track from their forthcoming EP The Ascension.

Check it out below:



The Ascension will be released August 18. The band has brought on board new members to unleash its heaviest material to date.  Pulse pounding, unrelenting, and brutally catchy! Pre-order the EP at
If you don’t find yourself moving while The Ascension assaults your senses, then you should at least feel dirty for listening.  The undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual lyrics make CASKET ROBBERY the next level force of death metal brutality. Take a deep breath.  Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun. Strongly recommended for fans of JUNGLE ROT, GOJIRA and PANTERA.
The Ascension was produced and engineered by Cory Scheider and Troy Powell at Old Dark Horse Studio and Unintended Studios.  The EP was mixed and mastered by Gabe Fry at Kimura Recordings. Cover art comes courtesy of Travis Anthony Soumis. Art layout by Corey Scheider.
CASKET ROBBERY previously released the Evolution of Evil full-length album in 2016 on Mortal Music. The album is also available through Big CarteliTunesAmazon, Best Buy, and anywhere MP3s are sold.
Megan Orvold – Vocals
Derek Silloway – Bass
Derek Bonn – Drums
Troy Powell – Guitar
Cory Scheider – Guitar