Chair Warriors Drop ‘Dawn of Edo’ Ep Review


Album- Dawn of Edo (EP)

Artist- Chair Warriors

Genre- Alt Rock/Indie

Release Date- Out Now


Canadian alt/indie rockers ‘Chair Warriors’ have released their brand new extended EP entitled ‘Dawn of Edo’ its six track affair which includes a bonus seventh track,inspired on the most part by vocalist Brandon Mignacca and his fascination in all things Japanese inc their culture political and military evolution while maintaining a melodic, and musically mesmorising feel.

‘Firethin’ with an intro of keys and haunting vocals sets the tone for the ep with a great moody melodic sound that embrace the lyrical content and further enhance the fine vocals of ‘Brandon’
‘Shogun’ keeps with this fine melodic uprising with ‘Brandon’s’ vocals wisking us away on a fantasy voyage to an ancient Japan, a keyboard bridge midway helps maintain the fantasy as the chants of Shogun repeat in our minds.
‘Primal’ is a great singalong track with plenty of hey heys wrapped in a fine bass laden back track with some great licks and riffs added to the mix.
‘So Alive’ sees high notes us mere mortals could only dream of but ‘Brandon’ having been as far as the quarter finals of the fifth season of La Voix the quebec version of the voice and was called back to perform on both the semi final and final which means the boy can sing and he does so with a certain swagger and desire on not only this track but throught the ep.
In short ‘Dawn of Edo’ is a very a very fine and highly recommended addition to your cd collection

Rating 8-10