Concrete Jellÿ ‘Amless in Wonderland’ Out Now

Amless in Wonderland is the 3rd release from Concrete Jellÿ, and is the final chapter of a concept album trilogy.

Now the guys are about to release a live video album, “Jellÿfied”, recorded during a concert at the Tetris Club in Trieste. Concrete Jellÿ is now planning little tours in Europe May and September 2018 to promote the third album. In the end, Concrete Jellÿ are just a bunch of friends, who like to have fun and take nothing too seriously, but music.


1. Rock Town
2. The Memory Hurts
3. Good Ol’ Chaz
4. The Dealer
5. The Drug
6. Black Curtains
7. Head Out
8. Monsters
9. Elicse Atarme Pt.3




The album was recorded live by Francesco Bardaro (Track Terminal Studio) in a theater near the city of Trieste, the band headquarters. Less than a year later the band was back in the same theater to record the third album of the trilogy, “Amless in Wonderland”, which was released on March 15th 2018 and will soon be available in an electric blue vinyl version.

The band Concrete Jellÿ was founded in 2014. It started as a cover band of major hard rock and blues bands of all time, with some excursions in prog. The guys always focused on live shows in clubs, pubs, theaters and small festivals in North-Eastern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. After one year, Concrete Jellÿ released their first self-produced album, “3”, the first of a trilogy of concept albums based on a fictional character named Amless. On February 7th 2017, their second album was released, titled “Getting Noticed” (Sliptrick Records – USA).


Band Line-Up:
Francesco Braida – guitar & voice
Sebastiano Belli – drums
Matteo Monai – bass & voice
Sebastiàn H. Gerlini- guitar