Constant Lovers Interview.

Werock Had The Opportunity To Talk To Seattle’s  ‘Constant Lovers’.

Here’s What They Had To Say.


1. How did you guys meet?

We met in the early 2000s watching each other’s bands perform at house parties and classic Seattle venues like The Paradox, The Sunset, Graceland, The Crocodile, etc.

2. What was the first tune(s) you learned?

The first song we wrote for the album was “It’s Electric”, but if you’re talking about the first songs I learned on guitar it would be “Glycerine” by Bush followed closely by “Come as You Are” by Nirvana.

3. Your 3rd album release ‘Pangs’ out Sep 27th the title meaning

Pang is a word that is most often associated with hunger but literally means a sudden sharp pain or painful emotion. Our last album is called “Experience Feelings” and “Pangs” is basically just an exploration of feelings we’re experiencing now as we’re getting older. Pangs is about acknowledging the weird frustrating world we’re in and about trying to find footholds and fun ways to cope.

4. Who is the main songwriter or is it a joint affair?

I write the lyrics and most of the vocal melodies, but the music is all written collaboratively. For us as a band it’s super important to have each individual’s creative input to make the whole.

5. What can fans expect from new album?

This album is us growing and stretching out a bit. While many songs are concise rockers like you’ll find all over the last album there are also several tracks that run a bit longer that we’ve given space to breathe and writhe around.

6. Any surprises?


7. Any festivals that would be your dream to play?

Fuji Rock Festival in Japan! All Tomorrow’s Parties was one we always wanted to play. Sad they had to shut it down. Desert Daze in California always has a killer line up and looks like a blast. Noise Pop in SF, Sled Island in Calgary, Underground Music Showcase in Denver, etc.

8. And do you have a favorite venues?

The venues we love the most are here on the West Coast. The Showbox in Seattle and The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Both rooms are beautiful and built in the early 1900s and both have an exceptionally nice staff.

9. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

For a second I thought I wet the bed this morning but I just accidentally spilled some tea.

10. What inspires you?

Our collective perceived reality. What even is this!?

11. What’s an average day like for you?

Wake up, meditate, read the news, furrow my brow, drink some tea, do some chores, go to work, cook food, smoke weed, play music, kiss my wife, pet the cats, go to sleep.

12. Your hopes for the future?

I hope for unity and understanding, peace and comfort for all. I think we humans could treat each other far better and I hope that in the future we will.

13. Any messages to your fans?

Thank you for listening, and thank you for caring!

Thank you Constant Lovers for this interview.


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