CONTRARIAN release lyric video for “Whomsoever Worships The Whiteworm”

U.S. progressive Death Metal squad CONTRARIAN have released their lyric video for “Whomsoever Worships the Whiteworm,” a song from forthcoming album Their Worm Never Dies.

CONTRARIAN will release Their Worm Never Dies March 15 on Willowtip Records.
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Track Listing:

Vaskania (The Evil Eye)


My Curse

The Petition

Among The Misled

Their Worm Never Dies

Whomsoever Worships the Whiteworm

A new school of old school death metal. Creating death metal that is authentically new while have a natural memory and understanding of the old. Rooted in early 90’s progressive death metal, but with an unrelenting forward thinking approach, CONTRARIAN return with their third full-length release Their Worm Never Dies.

Spearheaded by guitar player Jim Tasikas, alongside George Kollias (Nile) simultaneously handling drum and vocal duties, CONTRARIAN is not a super group, but a unit of like-minded musicians that coincidentally converged on a vision of what a modern death metal band should sound like.

Organic sounding, yet aggressive and melodically complex, Their Worm Never Dies is packed with snake-like Schuldinerian-style riffage and atmospheric variations that will provide a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity.

Album Credits

Jim Tasikas – Guitars
Brian Mason – Lead Guitars
Ed Paulsen – Bass
George Kollias – Drums/Vocals