Coreleoni ‘The Greatist Hits Pt1’ Review

Artist- Coreleoni

Album-The Greatist Hits Pt1

Release- 23 Feb 18


Coreleoni is a project founded by GOTTHARD guitarist and founder Leo Leoni to pay a very personal tribute to his ROCK & ROLL past!

In Leo’s words: “On the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first GOTTHARD album, I wanted to pay tribute to songs like: DOWNTOWN, FIREDANCE, HIGHER, HERE COMES THE HEAT, IN THE NAME, RIDE ON…, LET IT BE, and ALL I CARE FOR. Songs that with Gotthard we have kind of left aside. We have re-recorded, refreshed, and “re-brushed” them in a respectful way. These songs are very dear to me and they are part of a period that will remain forever with me.”

Joining Leo is long time Gotthard drummer Hena Habegger, Jgor Gianola and Ronnie Romero on vocals

The first suprise is the album opener and intro which is the love theme to godfather which precedes a childs voice singing ‘Firedance’ before guitars kick in and time for the really big surprise if you didnt know any better you could be very much mistaken into thinking Steve Lee had returned wow is all we can say Ronnie Romero nails the vocals and tone perfectly.
The more you listen to the album the more you can hear the ghost of Steve Lee rockin in approvement Leo, Romero and Co have done a very fine job with some of Gotthards classic tracks.
The Power ballads ‘Let It Be’ All I Care For are beautifully covered and sit hand in hand with the more heavy rockers like, Here Comes The Heat, Firedance, Ride On, Anytime Anywhere.
There is a brand new track ‘Walk On Water’ which is almost like a typical early Gotthard rocker with thick riffs and chops with an anthemic vibe and a chant along chorus its a horn raising rocker for sure.there is a bonus track ‘El Traidor’ which only features on the cd version (Bonus Track – CD edition only)
The album is very well produced with each track (except Walk On Water)being re-recorded tastefully and emotionally its a celebration of Leo’s early days with Gotthard and the fun and great times he had and it shows in the production and delivery this album is to remember Steve Lee and Leo’s early Gotthard and in that Leo and Co have succedeed in making an early contender for album of the year Yes It Is That Good, Any Gotthard fan will appreciate the emotion, feeling and respect Leo has put into this album and you will not be disappointed with the end result infact very much the opposite.

Rating 10