Cornerstone ‘Reflections’ Review

Genre- Melodic/Aor
Release Date-Out Now

Harry Hess is fast becoming much more than an excellent vocalist, for the Harem Scarem front man is making his name in production too and one of his latest offerings is ‘Cornerstones’ ‘Reflections’ a ten track sublime piece of Aor heaven.


Album opener ‘Nothing To Lose’ with crunching riffs and angelic like vocals is an easy listening yet rocktastic air guitar laden foot-tapping groovy opener although probably the rockiest track it sets the tone for the album.
‘Whatever’ is a soulful piano enriched ballad the kind that will have you reaching for the kleenex as you dream of days gone by or a love that’s now lost infectious and soul moving.
Foot tapper ‘ Brother’ is just that a foot-tapper with a catchy little chorus which you will be singing along to while strumming away on your favorite air guitar.
Singalong classic ‘Sooner or Later’ will have you well singing along in no time, with a rock and roll vibe it could’ve almost come straight from a grease soundtrack the lyrics are delivered with an angelic yet soulful tone.
Album closer ‘Once’ takes us back along the ballad road with this acoustically driven piano track with haunting vocals that allow you to close your eyes and drift away, while the soft tones and acoustics caress your worries away.

All in Reflections is a very solid easy listening AOR album and one that Cornerstone and Harry Hess will indeed be very proud of and is a great addition to anyone’s AOR draw.

Rating 9