Corroded ‘Defcon Zero’ ‘Review’ Album Out Now


Artist- Corroded
Album-Defcon Zero
Release-Out Now

‘Defcon Zero’ is the first release from Swedens powerhouse Metallers ‘Corroded’ in over 5 years it also marks the first release for their new label Despotz Records and its certainly an album worth waiting for.
Opener and standout track ‘Carry Me My Bones’ could at first listen have you thinking have i popped the wrong cd in? as the slow melodic piano and what sounds like a mandolin caress your senses and sooth your eardrums before a minute or so in the thick and doomy riffs kick in and your foot starts to stamp to the beat as it increases, before vocals roar and like a potato about to be mashed your senses explode into a slimey mess of rock sludge as you scream ‘Carry Me My Bones’.
The screaming vocals and thick riffs of ‘Gun And A Bullet’ will have your heads shaking and fists pumping while you stamp your heels in admiration of the rock gods that have ‘Corroded’ your senses once more as you reach up to the air horns aloft make mine a double jack hold the ice i’m a metal demon.
‘Defcon Zero’ continues very much in the same all out ballsy rockin way throughout, think of it as a melodic apple pie with a splash of hard rockin custard and melting hot tabasco sauce that will have you reaching for your favourite air guitar and strumming to the ‘Corroded’ gods of thunder.
Perhaps the slight surprise of ‘Defcon Zero’ is the ever so slightly ballad esque ‘A Note To Me’ not that its a bad thing far from it in fact the vocals of ‘Jens Westin’ stand out indeed they are forced into your ears with such an effortless ease that your eardrums will not be pounding but dancing to the soul searching rhythm.

Overall then ‘Defcon Zero’is a long overdue offering from ‘Corroded’ and delivers not only spine tingling riffs but vocals bellowed from the depths of the Abyss by the devil spawn himself while at the same time gently caressing and seducing your inner senses into an orgasmic insensible stupor

Rating 10