Courtesans Better Safe Than Sober Out Now Review

Artist- Courtesans
Album-Better Safe Than Sober(E.P)
Genre-Alt Rock/Dark Pop
Release-Out Now
Following up to their debut album ‘1917’and highly successful pledge campaign London based Courtesans release their highly anticipated E.P (Better Safe Than Sober) BSTS is a 5 track ride of dark highly toxic emotional riffs and jaw pounding basslines with lyrical content so deep they should be a movie.

Leading single and stand out track ‘Mesmerise’ is a fine example with haunting vocals from the mysteriously gorgeous ‘Sinead La Bella’ and a deep bass line which leads you in and out of choruses while keeping the drums and riffs of the guitars in fine situe with the lyrical content, in all it is quite Mesmerising.
‘John Doe’ continues with the same haunting vocals, rumbling bass line and drum beat, the vocals which are deep and lyrically magical fade in and out, which all comes to a crushing cruscendo of ‘Work My Fingers To The Bone’
The closer ‘The Tide’ starts with a distant piano which is then accompanied by what can be described as a short lyrical rap of sorts before shortly erupting into an assault of drums, bass and meaty riffs which in turn fades into a sultry ‘Sinead’ stating ‘Lets Fuck Till The Day Ends’ any track which contains lyrical content like this is a winner for sure and is sure to ‘Mesmerise’.