Cradle of Haze Surprises Fans With A Remake Of A 20 Year Old Song.

The new edition of the song Stupid Boy is not just any old song but the first song that Cradle of Haze founder Thorsten Eligehausen wrote and recorded completely on his own during his music career – and that on May 3, 1998, exactly 20 years ago.

The original and first version of “Stupid Boy” was never released, only one variation made it to the fourth Cradle of Haze album In the Name of the Cross, which was released in 2003 – also on May 3rd.

“The original versions of “Stupid Boy” are good but not good enough to be released today. The equipment available to me at that time was not sufficient to produce music that can be released today. Unfortunately, due to various hard disk crashes and other accidents, only mp3 versions are left to me, which cannot be saved anymore or can be adapted to today’s music standard”, says Eligehausen.



Why re-release such an old song?

“We didn’t plan this! It was all about testing a bunch of new software and hardware and because I couldn’t think of anything better I reproduced this song “in a hurry” and something completely new developed. Whether it was the new, better sound of the newly bought equipments or the song that reminded me of my beginnings or the beginning at which I made the decision to go my own musical way I do not know, but the more the result formed, the more fun it was and at some point I realized that I just invented the future sound of Cradle of Haze and there was no stopping it”, says Eligehausen.



After the 2017 album `Sirenen` Cradle of Haze now deliver a remake of a historically important song from the founder’s point of view and surprise with new sound and – for the newer fans of Cradle of Haze – additionally with English lyrics.
Who has followed the development of Cradle of Haze a little bit knows that one has never committed oneself to a musical direction but has always produced music, as the mood required it straight. So it’s not surprising that the song Stupid Boy moves a little bit in the direction of Dark Wave from the usual genre Gothic Rock. A driving rhythm, a lot of lyrics and melodic vocals distinguish this song from the productions of the recent past. The story behind the song follows the usual Cradle of Haze standard or was brought to life with this song. You hold up a mirror to humanity and sometimes say relatively bluntly what doesn’t fit or package it in morbid and bizarre messages that convey the same thing when you listen more closely – if you are receptive to it as a listener and engage in it. Motivated and inspired by the new equipment and the resulting possibilities, after the completion of “Stupid Boy” Eligehausen started to re-release
further “lost” or little-noticed songs from the past and it is quite conceivable that by the end of 2018 there will be an album that will bring the old treasures of the Cradle of Haze world to the surface in a new guise.


Line Up:
Thorsten Eligehausen – Music, Lyrics, All Instruments, Mixing, Mastering, Graphic Design
Annika Meier – Vocals