CREVASSIAN stream debut EP

New instrumental post-metal quartet CREVASSIAN are streaming their debut self-titled EP, released 7th December 2018.

You can listen to Crevassian here:

Pre-order the EP:


1. Tempest
2. Firmament
3. Those Forever Ghost
4. Summit

Crevassian draws on elements of Cloudkicker, Jakub Zytecki, This Will Destroy You and more to create a cathartic blend of atmosphere and groove, syncopated heavy riffs and epic melodies and progressions. The quartet consist of drummer Nick Povey, rhythm guitarist James Humphries (ex-TideBinder), bassist Luke Fabian (Pupil Slicer, Meridia, ex-Hands of a Saviour) and lead guitarist Cody Gaffney.

In their short history CREVASSIAN have played with the likes of Harbinger, Core of IO, DeathRemains and Arcaeon. Following the band’s stellar EP launch show, they will be touring far and wide in 2019. Stay tuned.