CRIPPLE BASTARDS: “The Outside World” Box Set Officially Released

Italy’s grindcore legends CRIPPLE BASTARDS have officially released “The Outside World”, their anticipated singles collection box set, via F.O.A.D. Records. As previously announced, this monster includes 5 x LPs, 2 x CDs, 1 lyrics book and 1 photo book + more! 362 SONGS including a lot of unreleased material!

This is the ultimate CRIPPLE BASTARDS singles collection as it includes every single non album track the band has ever recorded since 1988, almost 2 hours of unreleased material including never heard before songs from a 2003 studio session, rare demos and live tracks.

Book 1 features tons of rare pictures documenting the history of the band from day 1 up to today, while the second one the complete lyrics of the songs included in the tracklists.

Frontman Giulio The Bastard comments:

“This boxset is what we think is the most significant way to celebrate the Cripple Bastards’ 30th anniversary. It’s not a complete discography but rather a collection of ALL the (many) EPs/splits and compilation tracks, as well as a selection of unreleased material from the archives, put together in the best possible quality and attention to detail. 7″EP represents the most important format and expression channel through which CB found a way to develop and spread a message over the years, and played a vital role for us, especially in the first decade of existence. Back then the short length of this kind of releases was the ideal dimension to organize with our scarce technical skills and low economic resources those few minutes in which we could concentrate all the hate, repressed violence and what we had to say through the lyrics. The underground of DIY labels all around helping us putting them out and spreading them in every corner of the world has left a much more truthful and effective track than what it would have been to have all this stuff handled by a single “big” label of that time. The songs collected into this work are basically all the CB’s studio and live material ranging from the post-demo era to 2012, except the albums. This also includes every single compilation track. In putting together this boxset we paid particular attention to giving the right focus on what we think has been aging well for CB in 30 years: the (anti)musical content – so every session has been ripped and remastered from the original reels, DAT tapes etc following an endless feverish process, the lyrics and a selection of photos and flyers (most of what we found but of course – not all)”.


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This amazing release officially starts the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the legendary grindcore band.

The band’s “Misantropo a Senso Unico” album (2000) was placed at number 6 in U.K.’s Terrorizer magazine’s list of essential grindcore albums of all time.


LP 1 (1992-1993)
Side A:
– Split 7″ with VIOLENT HEADACHE
– Extra tracks from the same session
– Split 7″ with W.B.I.
– Extra tracks from the same session

Side B:
– “Life’s built on thoughts” 7″EP
– Split 7″ with PATARENI
– PATARENI covers recorded at Michele’s studio (unreleased)

LP 2 (1993-1994)
Side A:
– Split 7″ with PSYCHOTIC NOISE
– Extra session at Michele’s studio
– Song from “Use your voice vol. 1” Compilation
– Song from “Mit Mir Ist Nicht Zu Rechnen” Comp. 7″

Side B:
– Split 7″ with SOCIAL GENOCIDE
– PATARENI covers from “Obrade” Comp. LP/CD
– AGATHOCLES cover from “Kill Your Idols” Comp. CD
– “Frammenti di vita” 7″

LP 3 (1994-1997)
Side A:
– Split 7″ with CARCASS GRINDER
– Split 7″ with PRÄPARATION-H
– Split 7″ with P.E.L.M.E.
– HÜSKER DÜ covers from “Land Speed Sonic” Comp. CD

Side B:
– 5 studio tracks with GTB on drums
– “Massacrecore” Live 7″
– Extra live tracks from Split 10″ with PATARENI

LP 4 (1997-2000)
Side A:
– Split 7″ with I.R.F.
– Split 7″ with WORLD
– Extra tracks from the same session
– Split 7″ with DENAK (unreleased)

Side B:
– Split 7″ with CORRUPTED
– “Il grande silenzio” 7″
– Split 7″ with COMRADES

LP 5 (2000-2012)
Side A:
– 3 unreleased studio tracks 2003
– Split 7″ with REGURGITATE
– Demo for Split 7″ with REGURGITATE (unreleased)

Side B:
– “Senza impronte” 7″
– Extra track from “Slimewave” Comp. CD
– Split 7″ with EYEHATEGOD

CD1 (1992-2000)
– Discarded Demo 1992 (unreleased)
– 2 songs with drum machine
– Out takes from “Life’s built on thoughts” 7″ (unreleased)
– Live at El Paso, Torino 3/12/1994 (Split 10″ with CAPITALIST CASUALTIES)
– Terveet Kädet cover
– GTB with IMPACT: “La vostra violenza”
– 3 unreleased songs with 2 piece line-up in 1996
– Out takes from Demo 2000 (unreleased)

CD2 (2006)
– “Variante alla morte” Demo (2006)
– Live at Obscene Extreme Fest 2006


CRIPPLE BASTARDS have also been confirmed for Maryland Deathfest and for the 2018 edition of Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic.

Moreover, CRIPPLE BASTARDS are working on the highly anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed “Nero In Metastasi” record. The band is currently locked in the studio and the album should be unleashed in the second half of 2018 via Relapse Records. More info soon.