Damn Dice Interview Hrh Aor March



They Are Multi National, They Are Multi Talented, And They Just Roll The Damn Dice We Caught Up With Damn Dice After Their Pulsating And Powerful Hrh Aor Performance



Werockwebzine:: Brilliant show last night brilliant we managed to stick around and see almost all of it backwards and forwards that many times.

Damn Dice:: Thank you we can imagine.

Werockwebzine:: How did it feel to you?

Damn Dice:: Very good yeah very excited on stage, before the show, after the show. We played the after show as well so we actually played twice last night which was cool.

Werockwebzine:: Is it your first time?

Damn Dice:: Our first time here yes, we were lucky actually for our first time here to get a decent slot at 8pm which was quite busy already so it was a great show from our point of view.

Werockwebzine:: How does that rate with your shows so far playing HrH?

Damn Dice:: There’s always that one show a year we all remember and this ones definitely going to be that one.

Werockwebzine:: How did you guys meet?

Damn Dice:: That was about 16 years ago, so to give you a bit of background the guitar player and myself are brothers from France, we came to London and met Marco who is Italian, Alex who is from England the only one in the band, then we met Diego who is Argentinian so its basically a whole mess an international band. We all came to London for the same reasons to form a band. We took it from there and started writing songs.

Werockwebzine:: What’s the meaning behind Damn Dice?

Damn Dice:: It’s a complicated one to answer really so basically the idea behind the concept of the band was basically in life you have to make decisions sometimes you just have to go for it and roll the Damn Dice and see what the fuck happens, it’s a simple as that really.

Werockwebzine:: Who’s your influences?

Damn Dice:: Well it’s different for everybody. Alex, i really love people like ‘Dio’ one of my favourites i grew up a really big fan of ‘Judas Priest’ i was a massive priester still am and seen them a few times all the classic stuff ‘Def Leppard’. Francoise we all have different tastes and we all bring a little bit of our influence which we basically try to bring a bit of everything from classic rock, heavy metal to the modern and put a bit of everything in the song writing.

Werockwebzine:: In your career so far what is your most memorable moment?

Damn Dice:: Francois, i think for me it would be playing the electric ballroom last year for Camden Rocks Festival and Hard Rock Hell this year mainly because of the interaction we had with the audience, because both times we didn’t really expect many people or that many people to be into us we are a fairly new band then we don’t expect everyone to know us. Both gigs we turned up to half empty rooms but after the second song the room was full and people were singing along they knew the lyrics both times Camden Rocks and Hard Rock Hell. It’s nice when you look around and people are really in to it and singing along and chanting back to whatever you do.

Werockwebzine:: Makes it all worth while.

Damn Dice:: Yeah when you get that back as well cause you give as much as you can and when you get that back it does feel good. Whether we play for 5 people or hundreds of people we give 300% every time and if we get all that back from the audience then that’s the night done for us we did our bit and enjoyed it.

Werockwebzine:: If you could share the stage with any performer who would it be?

Damn Dice:: Alex, i mean there’s so many ‘Kiss’. Francois, without saying, like the big bands ‘Metallica’ all the bands that we love basically all the influences we have.

Werockwebzine:: If you could pick just one?

Damn Dice:: One, Alex for me ‘Kiss’

Werockwebzine:: It will always be ‘Gary Moore’ for me.

Werockwebzine:: Do you have a personal favourite from ‘The Great Unknown’?

Damn Dice:: Francois, this is really hard especially being part of the song writing process, you kind of all the songs are your baby you know we see the songs from the very first riff to the final product, so it’s catchy and groovy and perfect.

Werockwebzine:: It’s like trying to pick which ones your favourite kid.

Damn Dice:: Yeah your favourite kid. Umm!!! i dunno just off that album i think ‘Caught In The Ride’ is one of the best ‘Home’ is a great one as well the last one because it has a lot of depth to it, it’s not just a ballad there’s a meaning behind it that not many bands risk going through. We’re a hard rock band we are playing a Aor festival but we’re not an aor band we are more on the hrh side than aor . Alex, yeah i like this one it’s on the e.p as well so i’m trying to think one that’s exclusively on the album ‘The Way To Go’.

Werockwebzine:: Do you find you write the lyrics first or does the music come first?

Damn Dice:: Music comes first you sometimes get a vibe from something you know it can happen that you have a lyrical idea and you put music around that like a phrase, an expression or you might have a line you like and you go from there but we never write a full song lyrically and then put music around it. 90% of the time it’s the riff then we build a song around it. I suppose it could be an experiment trying it the other way round.

Werockwebzine:: Have you ever gone that way round then changed it completely?

Damn Dice:: Many many times to some of the songs, some unreleased some released.

Werockwebzine:: Is there a new album in the pipeline?

Damn Dice:: Absolutely yeah it’s about 35% there in terms of song writing, in terms of recording 0% yeah it’s no where near done.

Werockwebzine:: Have you got a working title for that yet?

Damn Dice:: No No we’ve got quite a few songs down like 75% we’re playing some of the new songs live because we want to keep it interesting for the fans and for ourselves we don’t want people thinking it’s going to be the same old songs so we threw a few new songs in the set. That’s why last year and this year we didn’t play as many gigs as we used to as we took some time off just to write the new album.

Werockwebzine:: So you think towards the end of the year?

Damn Dice:: Yeah hopefully written by the end of the year and hopefully the recording sessions will start by then.

Werockwebzine:: Something to look forward to.

Damn Dice:: Yeah definitely yeah.

Werockwebzine:: Where could you see yourselves in 10 years?

Damn Dice:: What 10 years fuckin hell, hopefully still alive that’s a very good point hopefully still together. Alex, i see myself in a flying car because we were promised that. Francois i don’t know band wise you know how the industry is really tough and many bands are breaking up like the past few years i’ve seen many bands come back for one gig then that’s it. I think it comes from setting the right expectations, you don’t join a band or form a band because you want to do cocaine it’s for passion of playing music, we’re all musicians in the first place. So hopefully in 10 years we will still be making music together and still having fun from it and making a good living out of it.

Werockwebzine:: Outside of music what’s your hobbies that take your mind off the stresses of the road?

Damn Dice:: Alex, computer games especially like the classic one Nintendo system set up, super Nintendo still there ps1, ps2. We got him Nintendo 64 games for his birthday . Francoise, to be honest there is quite a few things i do a lot of videos for the band and audio recordings and play
video games.

Werockwebzine:: That’s the way i try and relax but it ends up making me more stressed.

Damn Dice:: Depends what your playing.

Werockwebzine:: It’s usually call of duty.

Damn Dice:: Yeah call of duty black ops that’s what we’re playing at the moment

Werockwebzine:: With cheaters how did they disappear and reappear behind me.

Damn Dice:: Magic, Alex, i’m playing mega-man i’ve been trying to go through the mega-man series im getting stuck. Francoise ”His actual screensaver on his phone is mega-man picture, you find that a lot of the time musicians are big nerds.

Werockwebzine:: I wish you all the best of luck and see you again soon.

Damn Dice:: Thank you very much guys, we will be around

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