DAMN DICE set to release their final album…

Hailing from 4 different countries, DAMN DICE members founded the band in 2011 in London (UK) and started getting a lot of attention for their music which mixes current low tuning modern metal vibe with hard rock vocals. Think GUNS N ROSES meets METAL. As a result, it’s a modern sounding band with big bouncy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, sing along choruses, and guitar solos.​

Creating a niche of their own with their ‘Too metal for the rockers, too catchy for the metalheads, too punk for the pop rockers, too heavy for the punks’ kind of music, DAMN DICE reinforced this idea by releasing an EP in 2013 and a debut album, ‘The Great Unknown’ in 2015.​

The band has just announced the release of a second and final album for the end of 2018. Final album? No more releases afterwards? Is the band splitting up…?



Lead singer Alex Davidson says the band has decided that “Thriller Killer” will be the last album that the band will be releasing the “traditional way”. Alex says “Despite our decision to make this our last album, this does not mean that the band is over. On the contrary, we feel like we are just getting into our stride. We will continue to produce and release new music, but have decided that the album format is not the way forwards”

Alex explains “We feel like the music industry has changed completely even within the lifetime of DAMN DICE. Producing and releasing a full length album is a time and money sink. It’s no longer practical to sit on new material until an album is finished, which basically means going off the radar for long periods. Now that the era of physical media is more or less over, it seems that the album format is an arbitrary throwback that doesn’t make sense for us.”

For their final album, DAMN DICE have chosen to work with James Loughrey (Queen, Def Leppard, The Darkness, Skindred,…) and a release date is yet to be announced but the band has hinted at late 2018.

Alex adds “In future we will write, record and release new material as and when we can, effectively meaning more regular content. Rather than releasing a twelve track record every year or every couple of years, we will release songs by themselves. For those that still like physical media we may compile that year’s releases onto a disc, depending on what we see demand is like. We would like to repeat that this last album of ours absolutely does not mean that we are stepping back. In fact it feels more like a step forwards. We see this as a more achievable means of making music and giving fans more content more regularly.”

DAMN DICE has already released the single ‘Got to know’ and announce the release of a second one for the 25th of August:



“Thriller Killer” is already available on pre-order as well as other merch items and bundles at www.damndice.com