DAVID NEIL CLINE – Flying In A Cloud Of Controversy – Legacy Edition

David Neil Cline released his debut album “A Fit of Rage” in 1987 on vinyl. It sold about 1000 copies and later on when pressed on CD it sold an extra 1300 copies. David’s second album “Malefic Influence” was recorded in 1987 but released in 1989 on cassette and vinyl. There were originally 500 vinyl copies and 1000 cassette tapes pressed. Additionally, there were 1800 CD’s pressed. These now collectable vinyl albums have been seen going for up to $100.00 in France and other areas of Europe. “Malefic Influence” sold more than 3200 units. In the summer of 2001, David released his third album “Thorough Scrutiny” on CD. Most of the tracks were originally recorded in the early 1990’s, in various basement type studios. Some vocals, keyboard and lead guitar tracks were however recorded in 2000. The song “Fate of Pain” was used on a Canadian movie soundtrack for a movie called “Stupid People Do Stupid Things”; a Damien Gilbert production. After a licensing deal with the German record label Rock It Up Records in 2006, David Neil Cline rebranded himself and his band as “The David Neil Cline Band” and released his first Greatest Hits compilation “A Piece Of History: The Best Of” in 2007. The CD contained 4 remixed songs from each of David’s previous albums, plus two never before released bonus tracks. This got him a bigger name in Europe and his music got lots of airplay on Internet, cable and satellite radio stations all across Europe and the UK. After a long drawn out relocation process and the birth of a brand new recording studio, David released his 4th studio album “Flying In A Cloud of Controversy” in 2011. Sadly, this would end up being his final album. David Neil Cline committed suicide on June 17th, 2015.

Now City of Lights Records and Rock It Up Records, in collaboration with his family, are re-releasing “Flying In A Cloud of Controversy” as a “Legacy Edition”, a strictly limited collector’s item of 300 hand-numbered copies, to make sure his final words will reach more people and fans of his music! In addition to the full 2011 album, it’s also packed with 2 bonus tracks that previously never made it to an official release and 3 classic gems from David’s back catalogue. Basically everything you need to get to know Dave! 

“Flying In A Cloud Of Controversy – Legacy Edition” feat. 19 tracks and over 75 min offers pure Hard Rock. Recommend for fans of TRIUMPH, Y&T, HEAVEN & EARTH, MSG, URIAH HEEP & SCORPIONS


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