Daxx + Roxane HrH Sleaze Interview

Hrh Saw The First Time Appearance Of Swiss Rockers Daxx And Roxane And They Bought Their ‘Ticket To Rock’ And Invited Us All Along For The Ride HrH Style



WeRockWebzine:: Great Show By The Way.

Daxx + Roxane:: Thank You It Was Really Sweaty.

WeRockWebzine:: Small Stage You Have To Make The Most Of It.

Daxx + Roxane:: Yeah It Was Cool.

WeRockWebzine:: How Does It Feel To Labelled One Of The Bands To Watch By HRH?

Daxx + Roxane:: I Picked The Magazine Up Today, I Was Trying To Find Out Because We Were Told We Were In It, I Found The Page And We Were Right There. There Was Tigertailz, Faster Pussycat And We Were Right Next To It, It Was Amazing, It Is Really An Honour We Were Kinda Frustrated Back In Switzerland Cause We Always Wanted To Be Like Out Of A Crowd There Doing Different Music It Never Really Worked Out For Us So We Are Here In London. In The U.K Obviously It’s Keeping Up And It’s Nice To Have Such Good Feedback.

WeRockWebzine:: Do You Prefer The Thrash Metal Side Or Do You Prefer The More Melodic Side?

Daxx + Roxane:: We Try To Blend In Everything Really. We Have Moved Away Quiet A Bit From Thrash Metal, We Still Love It But We Are Looking Back Into Our Harmonies And Fast Picking That We Learned From Thrash Metal But Now We’ve Moved Onwards To The Rock Side.

WeRockWebzine:: Where Did The Name Come From?

Daxx + Roxane:: So We Get This Question A Lot And We Have A Stalk Answer For You I’m Sorry. If You Buy Our Album It’s Not That Expensive In The Sleeve There Is A Clue To What Our Name Means.

WeRockWebzine:: So If You Buy The Album You Will Find Out, Which We Was Going To Anyway.

WeRockWebzine:: You Recently Played Camden Rock, How Was That Experience?

Daxx + Roxane:: That Was A Great Experience, It Was Early But Fuck It, It Was Amazing. We Had Such A Good Time. It Was A Small Pub In The Middle Of The Afternoon It Was The Fiddlers Elbow It Was Great It Turned Out To Be An Amazing Day.

WeRockWebzine:: A Great Experience.

Daxx + Roxane:: Yeah Indeed.

WeRockWebzine:: Your Debut Album ‘Ticket To Rock’ Has Been Getting Rave Reviews, Tell Us How Pleased You Are With The Album Itself.

Daxx + Roxane:: It’s Been Amazing, We’ve Been Working For, I Mean We’ve Known Each Other For Years And Years Now We Have Been Friends For Like 20 Years And One Of The Things We Always Wanted To Do Was Write An Album And Record And Release It, And Now We’ve Released Our First Album And It’s Been Getting Rave Reviews It’s Amazing It Feels Amazing.

WeRockWebzine:: Your Living The Dream?

Daxx + Roxane:: Yeah Yeah Surfing The Waves.

WeRockWebzine:: Is There A Track That Stands Out As Your Favourite On The Album?

Daxx + Roxane:: The Album Has A Lot Of Moods I Guess, It’s Got Some Fast Songs Some Slow Songs, For Me It Depends What Mood I’m In I Guess. I Really Like ‘Good Vibrations’ But I Think My Personal Favourite Is ‘Hard Rockin Man’ Cause It’s Very In Your Face I Really Like That Song.

WeRockWebzine:: Who Are Your Musical Influences?

Daxx And Roxane:: So It Started With Metallica That Was The First Band For Me. I Downloaded Most Of Metallica’s Albums When I Was A Kid Then I Felt Bad About It So I Bought The Albums And Instead It Was Like Let’s Listen To All These, So We Listened To All 12 Of Them At The Time And We Just Fucking Loved It And Then Simon Came Along And He’s Really Into Glam So He Introduced Us To Motley Crue And All That Stuff And AC/DC And Luca Likes Swiss Music.

WeRockWebzine:: So You All Bounce Off Each Other? And It Shows In The Album.

Daxx + Roxane:: Yeah. Cedric Actually Started Learning Music Like The Saxophone And Piano With Jazz Influences So We Got A Bit Of That In There. Cedric ” The Funny Part Is I Use To Hate Metallica Then You Bought Me That CD And I Was Like Actually I’m Twat I Like Them” Lots Of New Wave As Well British Heavy Metal And 70’s Rock, Progressive.We Like A Bit Of Everything And Like To Try And Incorporate It.

WeRockWebzine:: How Does HRH Compare To The Other Festivals Say Montreux Jazz Festival?

Daxx + Roxane:: Montreux Jazz Was An Amazing Experience Cause It’s Our Home Town And It’s Surprisingly Hard To Get A Gig In Our Home Town And When We Played Montreux It Was Packed Out So It Was A Great Feeling. Then Coming Here To Sheffield This Is One Of The First Proper Festivals After Camden Rocks That We’ve Played And The Crowd Here’s Been Amazing.

WeRockWebzine:: So More To Come?

Daxx + Roxane:: Yeah We Really Want To Come Back To Sheffield Cause We Know It’s Kinda Like A Birth Place Of Rock In The U.K So It Would Be Really Great.

WeRockWebzine:: Who Takes The Mantle Of Songwriter Or Is It A Joint Affair?

Daxx + Roxane:: Me And Cedric Started Off Writing A Lot Of The Stuff Then Simon Would Throw In His Bits And Now Recently Luca Has Been Writing Lyrics As Well So It’s Bit Of A Joint Effort. If Everyone’s Happy We Go For It, We Are Quite Democratic So If One Persons Not Happy About Something In The Song Then We Change It Until Everyone’s Happy.

WeRockWebzine:: With A Hectic Tour Schedule The Past Couple Of Years, Especially Playing A Lot Of Gigs In London Is There Plans Of A U.K Wide Tour To Promote ‘Ticket To Rock’?

Daxx + Roxane:: We’re Actually Looking To Get A Tour To Promote Our ‘Ticket To Rock’ Album, But Obviously We’re Looking To Record Some New Stuff In The Coming Months And Years But We First Would Like To Get A Tour To Promote Our ‘Ticket To Rock’ Album So Hopefully We’ll Play Most Cities.

WeRockWebzine:: Recently ‘Ticket To Rock’ Is There Plans To Writing And Recording A New Album?

Daxx + Roxane:: So Yeah We Have Actually Just Signed A Record Deal For 4 More Albums So We’ll Be Recording Some More Stuff And We’re Planning To Record A Single In A Couple Of Months To Go On That New Album Which Will Be Released Next Year And We Will Start Recording The New Album In 2018.

WeRockWebzine:: So Early Next Year?

Daxx + Roxane:: Yeah We’ve Got About 4 Or 5 Songs Written For That We Hope To Get More Ssongs Written For It Then Get The Best Down On Material.

WeRockWebzine:: Thank You And I Can Only Wish You The Best Of Luck And Hopefully We Will Catch You Again Soon.

Daxx + Roxane:: Thank You Very Much.