Demised – “The Mournful Flight” Video Out Now

Spanish gothic rock metal combo Demised are proud to present their brand new video for the song “The Mournful Flight”, taken from the album “A Warm Place To Stay” (Wormholedeath 2017).

The video has been directed, filmed and edited by Juan A. Ros. at Razzmatazz (Barcelona) and at Garaje Beat Club (Murcia) during october 2017.



Demised is a metal band that wanders among melancholy and strength, trying to pass on the connection with nature, hope, life and death.

The band was created in 1997 into Death Metal; an extremer sound that related the human being’s decay, playing with bands such as Gorefest, Belphegor, Necrophagist, Centinex, Incantation and many others. Nowadays, it’s music has turned into a more atmospheric, gloomy and gothic style.

After their Death Metal era with three independent national releases (“Panthalasa”, “Between The Ashes & The Silence” and “Cold”), Demised sign with Wormholedeath to release their new Gothic Metal album “A Warm Place To Stay” (2017). So reborn begins…


Band Members
– Andrés Pestana (vocals/guitars)
– Adrián Hidalgo (drums)
– Alex Yuste (guitars)
– Paco Porcel (bass)