Depressed returns with their new album ‘Beyond The Putrid Fiction’

Brazilian Death Metal Troops Depressed returns with their new album Beyond The Putrid Fiction following up from 2015s debut Afterlife In Darkness; The new album feature 12 tracks of pure american Death Metal to Mangle your mind!

The album will be mixed and mastered by Marcos Cerutti and its artwork was painted Mark Cooper.

Track list:

01 – Marching To Damnation
02 – Beyond The Putrid Fiction
03 – Into The Realm Of Abhorrence
04 – Delight The Pain
05 – Blame It On Hate
06 – Unholy Covenant
07 – Mandatory Coexistence
08 – Descending Into Madness
09 – Thy Fragment Of Light
10 – Cease And Decease
11 – Cult Of Treason
12 – Satanic Riots (Bonus)