Derek Davis ‘Revolutionary Soul’ Album Review Out Jan 21


Artist Derek Davis
Album Revolutionary Soul
Release Date 21st Jan
Genre Rock/Soul/Funk

This Jan sees the long awaited release of Derek Davis’s album Revolutionary Soul and boy are you in for a treat, Derek’s got soul we’re talking James Brown soul as title track ‘Revolutionary Soul’ will testify its funky its soulful with just a hint of whats on offer for the remainder of the 12 track album coming in at just over 47 mins.
Now if you are familiar with Davis’ work with the mighty Babylon AD and are expecting the same sort of adrenaline fuelled riff heavy, ear busting offering then you couldn’t be further from the mark with ‘Revolutionary Soul’ as Davis takes us on a soulful, funky ride which further enhances Davis’ songwriting and vocal talents.

‘Valerie’ and ‘Think About It’ with there instant funky singalong chorus are winners for sure with Davis’ vocals on top form and the funky wah guitar which there is plenty of on this album reminiscent of an early seventies action flick the latter with lyrics ‘Think About It You Gotta Be Wrong Think About It Before You Wreck Our Happy Home’, and the former that would sit pretty on any Doobie Brothers album.
‘Vicious Heart’ a great little ballad that sits nicely on the album with great vocals by Davis and what sounds like a triangle being played in the background, added to the sexy sax its one of those tracks that just melts into you, as you close your eyes and drift away.
‘Stop Wait A Minute’ The pace is slowed to a tender stroll with this one with a great delivery of vocals and featuring a Hammond organ mixed with a tantalising acoustic guitar track and smooth bass line.

‘Revolutionary Soul’ isn’t just an album it is that album you put on when you take your sweetheart to your place and you dim the lights press play and wait for the smooth vocals and soulful tones to do there work and before you know it you are………

Rating 10


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