‘Devilfire’ Dark_Manoeuvres Review



Artist – Devilfire
Album – Dark Manoeuvres
Genre – Hard Rock/Melodic Rock
Release Date – 6th Oct


Oct 6th cannot come soon enough for the guys in Birmingham hard rockers ‘Devilfire’ as they release their long awaited debut album intitled ‘Dark Manoeuvres’ chief penman and singer/frontman and all around nice guy ‘Alex Cooper’ states ‘Its been a four year process for me I have written it three times and retracked it four’. So now the wait is almost over we get a chance to test all the hard work that has gone into the album at first hand and boy are we exited .

Album opener ‘Ready For War’ starts with steady and low paced keys before being accompanied by slick riffs and 80’s style melodic vocals, with a singalong chorus this one certainly grows on you the more you play it.
‘(In And Out Of Love)All Of The Time’ has a great almost bon jovi’esque guitar riff intro which continues throughout a slow paced ballad but not a full blown ballad it still has a rockin edge and moody bassline that embraces the vocals rather than over powering them the band are really tight on this one a future hit for sure.
‘Tear Me Apart’ now if the previous track is a hit then ‘Tear Me Apart’ is also a forerunner an anthemic blues infused soulfully charged slice of lemon pie with all the trimings, beautifully layed piano that sits hand in hand with the slide guitar track and a singalong chorus that will have you in full voice in an instant.
‘Devil In Your Eyes’ picks up the pace as the drums come thudding and bass is rumbling like the oncoming storm thats just about to blow your boots off, and it does so in style as you are taken on a journey upto the clouds of pure melodic heaven before floating back to earth with the horns of a devil and the face of an angel.
‘Shes Always On The Run’ the debut single continues the melodic mayhem with yet another anthemic beast with smooth keys that accompany the vocals throughout as the bass and drums fade into the background builiding up toward the chorus before fading again which further enhances the vocal prowess of Alex.
Album closer ‘Somehow’ is an acoustic driven slow paced number with Alex singing from the heart about something close to his heart and the passion and pure soul is laid out there in the delivery, with a nice little acoustic solo midway a great way to end this epic release.

All in Devilfires’ debut ‘Dark Manouveres’ may have been four years in the making but it is well worth the wait, the album is well mixed, well written and very well performed there is no fillers, just the other day we thought we had found our album of the year well we have now and it comes in the form of Devilfires’ Dark Manouveres’ a worthy addition to any rockers collection, and if you have never seen Devilfire live then that must be on top of your list of bands to see as they are one of the top live acts in the country today.

Rating 10






Band Members
Alex Cooper
Baz Blackett
Davey Bennett
Lars Wickett
Richard Bloomer-Davies