DevilFire Interview Hrh Aor March

There Was A Fire At This Years Hrh Aor In Pwllheli And It Was From The Devil Himself As We Caught Up With DevilFire Here Is What They Had To Say



Werockwebzine:: Are you enjoying it so far?

DevilFire:: Yeah it’s been great.

Werockwebzine:: Is it your first time here?

DevilFire:: Yes it’s actually the first ever gig we’ve done in the U.K. We’ve just been out with ‘Tarja’ formerly of ‘Nightwish’ she was doing load of dates across Europe so we did ‘Hungary’, ‘Romania’, ‘Greece’ and ‘Turkey’ with her, a couple of dates in each.

Werockwebzine:: How was it touring with ‘Tarja’?

DevilFire:: Yeah brilliant, she’s amazing we got on really well with her. The crew and all the rest of it were incredible. There were probably 2000 – 3000 people a day at the gigs, it was a good way to break us in cause we really hadn’t done anything up until that point, awesome for a band start off with that sort of stuff.

Werockwebzine:: How did ‘DevilFire’ come about?

DevilFire:: It was my kind of baby really. I used to be in a band called ‘Hanging Doll’ which is a Gothic metal band from Birmingham and they were kind of like a ‘Nightwish’ thing, my musical taste had changed a bit and i decided i was going to go a different path so i basically decided to quit my own band and started up ‘DevilFire’ and it sort of really only kicked in like i spent about 3 years working on songs, writing and re-writing writing and re-writing to get what i really wanted out of this sort of sound. I finally started playing them to a couple of mates of mine and they were like you should really do this we really like this stuff. So i kind of drafted in a few musicians that i knew to come out and do live show’s with me. I got ‘Lars’ he’s the drummer he’s drummed with ‘Uli John Roth’, ‘Davey’ he was the bass player with ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ and a few other people i knew liked and looked cool, i was just like come in and do this thing with me and they were like yeah wicked, so it kind of started from there really and it kind of came to the point where i was like sending stuff off to people i knew in the industry, managers and so-so and then they were like well we need to get you out gigging and so that was how the ‘Tarja’ tour came about. It was kind of about a 3 or 4 year build up to that.

Werockwebzine:: I understand it was ‘DevilStar’ before.

DevilFire:: It was yeah. The thing about that is, we looked at the name when we first got it, when i first came up with it, and it didn’t seem like there was going to be any complications with it, there were no other artist’s with that name, nobody published under it, so i thought ahh!!! it’s cool let’s go with it. Then we get a letter from a company in Las Vegas who are very much like this is our thing, and i was like your a clothing company not music, and they were like we’ve registered it as a music company and we’re looking to get into music, so i was like ok. I kind of like the nature I’ve got, i kinda would of fought it but i didn’t want to have too many complications before we started really. There’s a lot of bands out there like ‘The Quireboys’ obviously in America there ‘The London Quireboys’ because of these kind of issues.

Werockwebzine:: I believe they started off as ‘The Queerboys’ which they had to change for obvious reasons.

DevilFire:: Yeah exactly. ‘Spike’s a character I’ve worked with him a couple of times. So i didn’t want to throw up any barriers to begin with really, so i was like look we haven’t invested a massive amount money in it yet let’s just do the thing and change but unfortunately at that point the Hard Rock Hell posters had already gone out and the HRH Sleaze posters had gone out so we were like we’re gonna have to take this one on the chin but hense why i’m explaining the Devilstar / Fire thing.

Werockwebzine:: I bet you get sick of explaining it?

DevilFire:: No no you know it’s cool it’s what has to happen, hopefully in a few years time i will.

Werockwebzine:: How’s the kick-start campaign going for ‘Dark Manoeuvres’?

DevilFire:: It’s done we did it, it achieved goal and we were very happy about that, we only asked for a grand we just wanted a little bit of money to put in the pot to press it and that was it, we didn’t really need too much as i was doing a lot of the recording at home and stuff like that, but it was nice to have people pledge.

Werockwebzine:: You know the fan-base is out there.

DevilFire:: Yeah know the support is out there, and for a band that haven’t really done that much yet, that’s amazing to achieve.

Werockwebzine:: What can we expect from ‘Dark Manoeuvres’?

DevilFire:: A lot of catchy, riffy songs, big choruses really pumping stuff. Real back groovy guitar riffs and catchy vocal lines.

Werockwebzine:: If it’s anything like your live performance.

DevilFire:: Did you catch it?

Werockwebzine:: Yeah yeah we did. It was full of power and it was great.

DevilFire:: Thank you.

Werockwebzine:: The album isn’t out yet but do you have a favourite track from that?

DevilFire:: There’s one I’ve just written called ‘Ready For War’ that I’ve got a little bit of a soft spot for but i think the one that will bring home people issues is ‘Like Fire’ that’s seems to be one where people go that’s cool and obviously the one we played last today which was ‘Waiting For A Rockstar’ but like i wanted an album that was pretty much like a bit of an ‘appetite for destruction’ i didn’t want there to be a fall down track on it and because i had to pick 13 of them it’s quite hard to write a 13 track album and them all be killer.

Werockwebzine:: You have got to be happy with them as well.

DevilFire:: Yes and that was it, and it’s become a little bit of a ‘Chinese Democracy’.

Werockwebzine:: Who’s your greatest influence?

DevilFire:: Me personally ‘Lenny Kravitz’ is my greatest influence.

Werockwebzine:: We were then joined by the rest of ‘DevilFire’. Hi guy’s great to see you.

DevilFire:: Hi great to see you too. The new album is nearly there we layed down some cool stuff the other night, a few surprises, got a talk box on the line, it’s changed a fair bit since it’s incarnation cause i know ‘Davey’ and myself signed on to it 4-5 years ago now, the first initial carnation of it i think ‘She’s Always On The Run’ was there from the beginning but we have changed a lot, and the way the band has gone in terms of vibe, and what ‘Alex’ has kind of homed and gone through over the past few years has come to be what it is now. Much more exciting than the original material i signed, it was a little bit more chilled, and symphonic, the symphonic vibe is still there but it’s taken more of a back seat, which i’m happy about cause i wanted the guitars to be like raucous and rockin.


Werockwebzine:: Are you looking forward to touring with ‘Yngwie Malmsteen’?


DevilFire:: No (they all laugh). Breaking News is that we are not doing the ‘Yngwie Malmsteen’ tour. It’s nothing to do with ‘Yngwie’ it’s purely a little bit of business politics basically that’s prevented it from happening very sadly and we’re gutted cause we wanted to do the shows, but as one door closes another door opens. It became from a business point of view a few conflicts of interest an untenable situation but nothing to do with ‘Yngwie’ or that camp.

Werockwebzine:: Which is unfortunate but rock on

DevilFire:: We’re rock n roll, and you know these things happen at all levels whether it be big or small. So we just learn and move on, obviously the next one we’ve got is ‘Hard Rock Hell Sleaze’ we’re majorly looking forward to that, this one’s been fantastic we had a great show today.

Werockwebzine:: It’s a blistering start to your careers as ‘DevilFire’ what are your hopes for the future?

DevilFire:: World domination total world domination (laughing). Just to keep it rolling and doing what we do, create some awesome music and hopefully do loads of shows and perpeptuate what we’ve got as you say we’ve got off to an alright start so we want to keep perpeptuating that and drawing people in. There’s loads of material already set to move forward so i think for us it’s more about going out and doing those shows being met by those eyes and people that actually really enjoy it. That’s the thing the shows are so enjoyable, the live shows wicked but we can make it even more nuts than it already is, we’ve had such a great reception in such a short time. We are riding a bit of a wave at the moment, the shows are enjoyable.

Werockwebzine:: How does it feel to you knowing that the fans when you get out there, the fans are screaming and singing along to your songs?

DevilFire:: It was surreal in Europe because by the end of the tour, when we were going on to set up you could hear your name being called out because people had followed the tour, and we weren’t even the headline artist and you would hear your own name, not just the name of the band and think what the fuck is going on here, and that’s strange cause we had like minimal promotion and on that tour there were so many people that followed that tour from start to finish and you would see the same people in the same venues but then a massive crowd of different people but before you know it your walking down a street in a city or a country you’ve never been in and you get a wow i saw you in Bulgaria through the airport when we were massively hung over, which one it could of been any. It was an incredible tour and we met some brilliant people and i think we made a bit of a splash over there. I think as a band as well i find it real good etiquette to go out after your show, definately meet the fans and watch the other sets as well like today, it’s great to play with a bunch of really cool bands as well. Entire crew amazing people very welcoming, do anything for us saved our asses a couple of times, brilliant people can’t thank them enough.

Werockwebzine:: Like you said your riding a wave and long may it continue. We look forward to your new album.

DevilFire:: Thank you thank you. We’re on a resurgence with hard rock and aor in the country at the minute so hopefully we’ll keep riding.

Werockwebzine:: Like you said your at the ‘Hard Rock Hell Sleaze’ in Sheffield so we will see you guys there.

DevilFire:: Yeah we’re playing Saturday at ‘Sleaze’, good day, good vibe some great bands on ‘Faster Pussycat’ and a few others.

Werockwebzine:: Thank you very much for your time.

DevilFire:: Thank you it was a pleasure speaking to you.


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