DEVIL’S GUN premiere “Tear Down The Walls” video

DEVIL‘S GUN premiere the video for their second single from their upcoming ’SING FOR THE CHAOS‘ album.

”It‘s finally here! The second wall breaking single ”Tear Down The Wall” from Devil‘s Guns upcoming album ’Sing For The Chaos‘. Let‘s bang our heads so we can bring down evil together once and for all!”

Watch it here:

Devil‘s Gun are back! Hot off the presses, “Sing For The Chaos”, Devil‘s Gun’s new album will showcase the world what heavy metal is all about. This is the real deal. No frills. No punches pulled. No ballads. No bullshit. The band‘s sophomore album includes ten tracks that will make your head spin, your adrenaline rush and work those neck muscles like never before. From speed to boogie with melodies, sharp riffs and choruses that will set ears ablaze around the globe. The album will be released on the 12th of April. Soon you will get the chance to headbang like you never heard the term whiplash, sing like your vocal chords are made of titanium and play air guitar until you become Yngwe Malmsteen himself. The metal gods are pleased!

”Sing for the Chaos” Tracklist:

Killer Machine

Tear Down The Wall

To The Devil

Lights Out

Sing For The Chaos

Electrical Shock

Queen Of Destruction

Alligator Fuckhouse

Bad To The Bone

On The Road