Devil’s Queen – ‘Fractured Ashes’ Out Now

The Highlands Premier Rock Band

Born in the Summer of 2013 Devil’s Queen hail from the “Bonnie Highlands Of Scotland”. However despite the scenic beautiful background Devil’s Queen bring a gritty unashamed whiskey fuelled brand hard hitting heavy rock. In the past half decade Devil’s Queen have travelled all over UK building up a reputation for tight, high energy, ear smashing face melting live shows in the process creating a strong and loyal fanbase.Over the past few years Devil’s Queen have changed their line up , continuously evolving into the juggernaut beast they have become, blending anthemic rock with classic thrash metal all with a modern twist.


1- Life Goes On
2- Cant Fight Forever
3- See Her
4- Damned
5- Promised Land
6- Voices
7- Tempt
8- Paradox
9- Games
10- Hail
11- Paintings *Bonus Track*



Devil’s Queen will be coming to a town near you soon!!! be prepared for balls to the wall, piss into the wind, staring down the barrel of a load gun high octane heavy dirty rock!!!

Band Line Up:
Ross Holland vocals,
Stewart McArthur guitars,
Murdo McArthur guitar and vocals
Will Crawford bass guitar and vocals,
Frankie Haymer drums