DIAMORTE – ‘The Red Opera’ Released 21st December

DiAmorte is more than music, it is an experience. Stories set to the picturesque sounds of savage orchestral arrangements and metal instrumentation. These epic songs are completed with the powerfully enchanting voices of two female opera singers and a male opera vocalist, melding with the bestial sounds of darkly classical guttural vocals from lead singer and front man Drake Mefestta.

The combination of sights and sounds build the atmosphere with each song, setting the nature of the experience and bringing to life the lyrics. The Red Opera took over four years to complete, time and perfection put into every detail. DiAmorte seeks to redefine the genre of symphonic metal. Breaking down the genre to its core, by centralizing on the symphonic arrangements, using modern instrumentation as support. The music is unapologetically theatrical, cinematic, and grandiose, painting its stories not only through the lyrics but the music as well. A record harkening back to the rock operas of old. It is the philosophy for live shows that to simply enter on stage and play songs as they were on the album without anything further is to simply listen to the album itself. Music provokes visualization and demands it to complete it in entirety. This is DiAmorte… Contributing members of this album consist of bands Symphony X and THEM and have composed music for Legendary Pictures, Ubisoft games, Gravitas Ventures, and Saban Films.

Guests include Michael Romeo and Mike Lepond from Symphony X plus Markus Johansson from THEM.

The Red Opera was co-produced by Spencer Creaghan Toronto Canada. Additional production by Alexandru Oprea. Mastering by Joao Carvalho Mastering.

Sit by the fire, put on the speakers, and enter the world of The Red Opera.

The Red Opera tells the tale of two fallen kingdoms in a dying land locked in an eternal conflict known as “The Great Divide.” On the horizon looms a dark, insidious force that influences and corrupts the powerful, accursed lord and through him, seeks to destroy all humanity and life, including his beloved human shield maiden, that new life may begin again.

Drake Mafestta – Lead vocals
Giampaul Andrianopoulos – Male Opera Vocals
Armenia Sarkissian (Soloist) – Female Opera Vocals
Alina Gavrilenko (Snowmaiden) – Female Opera Vocals
Markus Johansson – Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Michael Lepond – Bass