DIECHOTOMY Release “Nyctophobia” Lyric Video.

Italy-based Death metal band Diechotomy released a lyric video for the track “Nyctophobia” contained in “Diechotomy” debut album.

“Diechotomy”, released on August, 2nd, is currently available in digital format on CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/na422

Lyric video can been seen below:



DIECHOTOMY is a death metal band from Sicily, Italy. 
After playing in several local bands, and working on a previous project together, DIECHOTOMY was formed
in 2015 by Bopuc the lead singer and Maher (former of the band Golden Rusk) on an instrumental and sampling basis.
They have created a blend of music heavily influenced by older death metal, modern dynamic blast beats and fast, obscured riffs, characterized by a new sound they call “borderline death metal”, a kind of “up to date” death metal within its mysterious shapes and influences.
The band’s name represents the contrast between two things that are opposed and Diechotomy emphasizes the contrast between life & death, science & religion… and mysticism.
The debut album will take the listener through a fast story from the intro to the outro. It will guide you from everyday life to your deepest fear, from rage to the feeling of stepping on the moon…and back to everyday life.


Band Members
Bopuc – Vocals
Maher – All instruments, backing vocals and sampling