DISSONANT DISTANCE self-titled album out now

The self-titled debut album from international group Dissonant Distance is a journey through instrumental improvisation. Pumping bass grooves, ambient loops, fiery guitars, intricate rhythms and tonalities. Fusing elements of progressive rock, metal, blues, jazz and Indian music with a free and spontaneous energy.

The album was conceived over two days. On January 27th 2018 Oscar Hansson (Bass guitar, live looping), Andras Saylik (Drums, percussion), Jay Matharu (Guitar) entered Hang-Ar studio in Budapest to develop and improvise on musical ideas that Hansson presented. The next day the band turned up to the studio met with engineer Mate Kapitany and recorded the ten-track album live. The album was later mixed and mastered by Oscar Hansson at the Third Floor Studio, Budapest.

The final outcome was as unexpected as it was refreshing, but the underlying concept was to create music that would invoke a variety of emotions from the listener. The musicians let the music take on it’s own entity, which has resulted in an album of dissonant and lamenting melodies juxtaposed with a playful punk attitude.

01. Stone Shaped Marmalade Dream
02. Multi Dimensional Colored Mask
03. The Shadow Of The Steel Tower
04. Bending Our Flags In The Evening
05. The Mirror Of Mr Goldmann
06. The Key
07. Eleven Signs
08. Walking In The Deadly Forest
09. Covered by Darkness
10. Over Our Heads (A Flying Nickel Samovar)

Dissonant Distance are:
Oscar Hansson – Bass/Live Looping | Jay Matharu – Guitar | Andras Saylik – Drums/Percussion