Drop of Rage Release Debut Record ‘Hard Times Bullet’

After the success of Drop of rage’s debut record ‘open the D.O.R.’ in 2014 they are back with a powerful album with ten energetic songs. It’s called ‘hard times bullet’ and it shoots fast and kicks ass. A rough southern rock voice with a recognition value in combination with classic rock elements and a hot blues-rock sound makes this piece of music worth listening to. Drop of rage are on the way of rock’n’roll and show how rock-music should be made, with this ‘hard times bullet’.


1.Hard times bullet
3.Hard times bulletproof
4.House of today
6.Sweet Rock’n’roll
8.Crossroad Devil
11.Sweet rock’n’roll (LIVE)



Kick ass rock’n’roll
The motto of the band ‘drop of rage’ says it all without much digress. Off to the stage and full throttle kick off. And if it is not the stage, then the guys also step into the ears of the listeners through CD players, record players and mobile phones.

The energy of kick ass rock’n’roll is omnipresent in this band! If something does not work, they return with even more power! In 2016, after a very close second placing, they re-appeared for the classic-rock-radio ‘Futurerock band-award’ and their song ‘Devil in a bottle blues’ from the album ‘Open the D.O.R’ earned them the deserved first place.

The mission to bring the self-titled heavyrock to the people starts in 2009 with the founding of the band and peaked in the 2018 album ‘Hard times bullet’. The final cast of the band is found in 2015, when the founding members Michael Wilhelm (vocals and guitar) and Denis Milde (drums) take Lars Paulußen on board. Now the three rockers have their 2014 debut album “Open the D.O.R” and the 2018 released album “Hard times bullet” at the ready. The latter was released in September 2018 and shows the musical development, which is also reflected in the music video of the song of the same name. Ten energetic songs are on the record and invite the listeners to rock. Also the live version of the song ‘Sweet Rock’n’Roll’ made it to the record and shows a calmer side of the band. The release of the new album is the leap into a successful future and shows that the band is serious. The album is the first time available not only on CD, but also on vinyl and found in many online stores and streaming providers.

Band Line-up:
Michael Wilhelm – guitar/vocals
Lars Paulussen – bass
Denis Milde – drums